Review – Where Lowest Price, Guaranteed Quality Is Being Offered Review – Where Lowest Price, Guaranteed Quality Is Being Offered is an internet drugstore that is located in India. The website of Safe Med Pill is very simple with friendly to the eyes. The design is clean and it looks very easy to use. Most information that you might want to find out about an e-store can be found on their homepage like the common answer to common questions, policies, and contact information. What we cannot find though is their operation date or the time when they started operating.

There are two lists available on the main page of Safe Med Pills. TheyUnder the medical category, lists are different have a list of medical categories and a bestseller list. You can use these lists to find the medicine you need or if you knew the name of the drug, you can input it into the search box and access it directly.

medical conditions and a list of available medicines to treat it. It means that has available medicines to treat cancer, acne, depression, infections, alcoholism, hair loss, obesity, ADHD, diarrhea, mental illness, pain, arthritis, psoriasis, skin problems, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.

Under the bestsellers are names of medicines that are often sold out. For, their bestsellers include erectile dysfunction medicines such as sildenafil citrate or generic Viagra, Tadalafil or generic Cialis, Kamagra, Tadacip, and Forzest.

If you are looking for an erectile dysfunction medication to try, you can check the offers of Safe Med Pills. They offer generic Levitra for $0.90/pill, Caverta for $2.20/pill, Aurogra for $0.53/pill, Avagra for $4/pill, Avana for $4.10/pill, Cenforce for $0.70/pill, Filagra for $0.53/tablet, Eriacta for $0.80/pill, Femalegra for $0.81/pill, and Forzest for $1.20/pill. They also offer hybrid ED brands such as Kamagra Oral Jelly for $1.85/pill, Malegra Professional for $0.95/pill, Sildenafil citrate Jelly for $1.50/pill, Tadalafil Super Active for $1.10/pill, Filagra Super Active for $0.82/pill, and Tadarise Pro for $0.96/pill.

Safemedpills Live Chat

As explained in their FAQ page, all medicines offered by this e-store are from India and are Indian FDA approved. The payment methods they currently accept are not available. Perhaps it is best to contact their support team regarding accepted payment.

All orders are from India and can be shipped in two different methods. The first one is via Express Mail Service for $25. The delivery time takes up to 14 days. The second option is Registered Airmail Shipping for $10 and the delivery time is up to 21 days. They offer to ship worldwide but if your country is something they cannot serve, it will appear on the checkout page. In case you have issues with your order, you can contact Safe Med Pill at 1 646 658 3163 or by chatting their live chat support team.

We tested their live chat support team and we are impressed with the way they answered our questions. They also respond in a timely manner. According to their support representative, this e-store is indeed operating from India.

As far as policies are concerned when it comes to returning and replacing a damaged or lost order, offers a guaranteed delivery. Reviews

Not knowing when this online pharmacy started, we decided to dig further and check their reliability by using customer reviews. After exhausting our resources, we decided to use their on-site testimonials.

Safemedpills Reviews

Johnny, 34, is a happy customer of Safe Med Pills that ordered, paid his order with his credit card, and received a real medicine. Johnny said that his experience with this e-dispensary was nothing but awesome and that all of his questions were answered.

The second review we found was shared by Mike from Chicago. Mike said that he appreciated the genuine medicines he received from this online pharmacy as well as their chat support system. He added that his order was packed in a very inconspicuous package.

For the last review, we found the shared testimonial of Stephen who said that he was happy how this e-store work. Although it is a lengthy process, he believes that it is necessary to ensure the protection of every consumer’s privacy.

These customer reviews were nothing but positive and awesome for yet we don’t feel convinced as these are from the website of These reviews can be fake and are not reliable. Reviews 2018

To get a better and clearer view of how operates, we decided to check for reviews that were shared this year. Luckily, we found a review website and here are some of them.

Safemedpills Reviews 2018

A one-star review for was shared by a user who said that this e-store is a myth. This was countered by a 5-star review from Terarre who said that Safe Med Pills is the best. Another 5-star rating from canislupus said that this e-store is helpful and nice.

As far as an unidentified user is concerned, this e-store is not good enough while Trashbra and Monktender gave it less than 2-star ratings despite leaving positive comments. From this third-party review website, we got mix reviews for hence we can say that this store is a possible option but not the best one. If you will continue searching, you might end up finding better online pharmacies. Coupon Codes has offered a single coupon code that they renew every day. The coupon code gives 10% off to all new customers. The code to use is 8B497A10. If you want to avail of this promo, Input the code at the checkout page before paying your bill.

Safemedpills Coupon Codes

Conclusion is an Indian online pharmacy that offers generic and branded medicines. Most of the generic drugs they offer are manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical companies. They only offer Indian FDA approved medicines.

What we liked about this e-store is their long list of available medicines to offer, their responsive chat support, and their easy to use website.

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