Rx-trust.com Review – I Can’t Really Say If This Store Is Trustworthy Or Not

Rx-trust.com Review – I Can’t Really Say If This Store Is Trustworthy Or Not

Rx-trust.com was another “Trust Pharmacy” named online platform. This website was perhaps one of the many online affiliate sites on the web, which means that the store was a part of a larger online drugstore network. This shop, however, has now closed down for some reason – its domain is unreachable, even via the use of a proxy site, which usually works if my location is the one to blame when it comes to inaccessible sites.

According to Rx Trust, it operated under the license of the company called Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. Based on the information on the former Rx Trust website on the archives, the store was allegedly a certified store by two prestigious Canadian associations, the Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA) and the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). However, unlike most genuinely certified online pharmacies, the store did not provide any link to any proof that it was indeed a part of these organizations. In this regard, I am a bit concerned about Rx Trust’s alleged involvement with the said organizations.

Concerning products, Rx Trust sold generic medicines which were mostly from Indian brands. Rx Trust claimed that its medicines were approved by the Indian FDA and hence were safe to use for the medical conditions they were intended for. Medicines commonly found on Rx Trust included items for erectile dysfunction (most of best-sellers of Rx Trust were from this category), pain relief, insomnia, and other medical conditions. Some of the best-sellers, on the other hand, were the following:

  • Viagra (generic): $0.27 per unit
  • Cialis (generic): $0.68 per unit
  • Valtrex (generic): $2.66 per unit
  • Antabuse (generic): $0.43 per unit
  • Metformin (generic): $0.26 per unit

Buyers were enabled to purchase their medicines from Rx Trust even without providing their prescriptions. While this was illegal at local drugstores, this was a de facto practice on web pharmacies – most of the websites contest that the medicines they sell without Rx are not illegal.

Shipping on Rx Trust were two ways, the regular option and the expedited option. The regular option took about 21 working days to complete, while the expedited option took only about 9 days. Customers were asked to pay for $10 for the regular option and more for the expedited option.

Rx Trust accepted payments via MasterCard and VISA. As for refunds or reshipments, Rx Trust has allowed either for buyers with damaged orders or who have not received their orders from the pharmacy. Returns, however, were not allowed, due to international policy for this case.

There was no live chat support on Rx Trust so buyers only called the numbers on the screen or sent a message using the messaging function available on Rx Trust.

Rx-trust.com Reviews

There were no third-party reviews available for the shop Rx Trust on the web, just on-site testimonials published on the former store. The on-site reviews, naturally, were positive about the store’s performance and were from clients who were duly satisfied with their Rx Trust experience.

Buyers have confirmed that they have received their orders from Rx Trust and have also mentioned that the medicines they have purchased were effective for their medical condition. However, since most on-site reviews are hard to verify, they are highly likely untrustworthy or fabricated by the websites they’re in. I am not saying this is true for all on-site comments – some on-site comments are delivered by third-party services, which means they are reliable. What I’m trying to say is that Rx Trust reviews can’t be compared with Site Jabber, Reseller Ratings, or any third-party platform reviews.

Rx-trust.com Reviews 2018

Since Rx Trust does not exist anymore, it does not have 2018 reviews available. Surprisingly, the shop did not also have records on prolific domain-assessing platforms like Scamner, which usually has records for almost every online pharmacy in the market:

Rx Trust Scamner Analysis
Rx Trust Scamner Analysis

According to the Scamner result, Rx Trust does not exist anymore and its domain is now up for grabs. As for the trust score, details were not available, but Rx Trust was determined to have only a 0% trust rating overall.

Rx Trust CIPA Verification
Rx Trust CIPA Verification

Since Rx Trust has claimed affiliation with the CIPA Rx association, I tried to verify if the shop was indeed among the very few CIPA Rx accredited platforms. Sadly, the CIPA Rx website does not recognize the Rx-trust.com domain, which means that the store has claimed wrongly.

Rx-trust.com Coupon Codes

Free Shipping on Rx Trust
Free Shipping on Rx Trust

Although coupon codes were common to most web stores (not only web pharmacies), Rx Trust did not have some to offer its consumers. However, the shop had some deals for its buyers:

Free shipping was available for Rx Trust customers, but only if their orders exceeded $200. Rx Trust has also offered freebie pills on every order, added discounts for bulk orders, and 10% off buyer orders when their orders reach $200.


Rx Trust was a Trust Pharmacy website that has operated briefly and left no mark on the online world. It was an affiliate site that claimed to be a CIPA member but I checked and the store was not really a CIPA-accredited store. The consolation we have for Rx Trust though is that it did not have complaints about its service. However, I couldn’t really say if Rx Trust was trustworthy or not given the limited records available for this platform.

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