Rx-medz.com Review – Yet Again Another Inaccessible Website

Rx-medz.com Review – Yet Again Another Inaccessible Website

Rx-medz.com was a former online drugstore that was an affiliate marketing website of the company called Sky Pharmacy. This online pharmacy has sold mostly erectile dysfunction treatments for a host of medical uses and ones that were more or less 70% cheaper than local pharmacy prices for the same medications. Based on the records of Rx Medz, I think the store existed from 2013 to 2016, although the shop may have been incepted earlier than 2013.

Although the shop has its records on the internet archive site, sections like the FAQ, About, Policies, and others were blank. Because of this, I only had to refer to the visual details available on the web records for Rx Medz.

I noticed that Rx Medz had seals of approval from MIPA, CIPA, and CPA, which are all renowned pharmacy or pharmacist organization in Canada. These seals imply that a shop is legitimate and is based in Canada; however, in the case of Rx Medz, it did not offer the actual links to these organizations, which means that I still had to verify its affiliations with these organizations.

As for the products available on the Rx Medz network, the store featured the usual items like medicines for impotence, hair loss, cholesterol management, pain relief, fertility, skin care, and others. Like the most online pharmacies in the market, Rx Medz has also featured mostly erectile dysfunction medicines on its platform as its best sellers. Some of the best-selling medicines on Rx Medz include these:

  • Viagra: $0.36 per pill
  • Cialis: $0.76 per pill
  • Levitra: $1.20 per pill
  • Brand Viagra: $3.80 per pill
  • Brand Cialis: $4.18 per pill
  • Dapoxetine: $1.06 per pill

Medicines found on Rx Medz were allegedly approved by the Indian FDA and hence were safe and effective to use by the consumers. As for prescriptions, there was nothing on Rx Medz stating that the buyers were obliged to provide their Rx for the medicines, hence my assumption that the consumers were not really required to provide their prescriptions for their medications.

Although there was limited information available for Rx Medz on the web, I saw that the store accepted credit card payments from its consumers, as long as they were from VISA or MasterCard. Apart from this information, however, I wasn’t able to know more considering the limited info available on the store’s archive information. It also didn’t help that Rx Medz did not have buyer reviews available on the web.

Rx-medz.com Reviews

The store Rx Medz actually had an on-site review section, but the section was actually blank. I checked for existing external reviews for Rx Medz on relevant review platforms – I actually found some but the store and for the present year, so I included the reviews on the next section instead.

Rx Medz CIPA Assessment
Rx Medz CIPA Assessment

Since this was the case, I felt the need to verify Rx Medz’s affiliation with CIPA Rx since the store professed that it was considered a member of this prestigious Canadian online association. However, sadly, the shop Rx Medz wasn’t really included in the roster of online pharmacies of the CIPA Rx organization, that’s why it makes sense that Rx Medz had no link to the verification result by CIPA, which was usually the case with legitimate CIPA Rx members.

Rx-medz.com Reviews 2018

There were a couple of online pharmacy reviews available for the Rx Medz pharmacy and on one third-party platform. However, the reviews were not as detailed as I have expected, but still:

Rx Medz Reviews
Rx Medz Reviews

According to one user who posted his comment for Rx Medz in January 2018, the score for Rx Medz was 3 out of 5. He only wrote “buy viagra” and did not explain why he gave only three stars for the pharmacy.

Negro, another user, who posted in June 2018, rated Rx Medz 4 out of 5 and wrote “[please]”. It wasn’t also clear why this user rated the shop 4/5.

Luis’ comment was just as vague as the two earlier comments – Luis rated the shop 5 out of 5 and wrote “I need” and did not explain why he gave the store good remarks.

Although these were third-party reviews, I still find these odd since it’s hard to verify if the consumers who posted them were really former buyers of Rx Medz.

Rx-medz.com Coupon Codes

All buyers are interested in offers and in discounts, so it is by instinct that I’ve searched for available discounts on the Rx Medz platform. The store, however, did not have coupon codes for discounts – the store only had the following offers for the customers:

Rx Medz Special Offers
Rx Medz Special Offers

According to the banners available on the Rx Medz platform, buyers were entitled to free Viagra pills on their every order. Besides the free pills, the store also offered free shipping on all orders exceeding the $200 mark.


Rx Medz is now a closed online pharmacy and though I’ve searched the web on the reasons why it closed down, I remained clueless on the matter since there were no articles pointing out the reasons why Rx Medz has closed down. It was fortunate for Rx Medz that it wasn’t seized by the government, but I still feel bad for the shop since it still ended up closing its doors to its customers.

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