Review– Too Unpopular To Gain Reviews Review– Too Unpopular To Gain Reviews is a now gone web pharmacy which has its concentration on selling erectile dysfunction medicines. The store is one of the shops that I consider hard to review considering their limited online information; in the case of Reliable Pharmacy, even if it had details on the internet archive, I still failed to get more info for this given the limited data for this web pharmacy even on the archive platform.

There were no details concerning Reliable Pharmacy’s inception date or about its location. However, the website has a 2002 copyright at the bottom, while the data on the web archive show that the store’s earliest records were in 2007. Reliable Pharmacy did not have an “about” page so I had to review the store based on the visual information presented on its web archive data. I also tried to search for web mentions for Reliable Pharmacy but unfortunately, the store was not popular enough to spark buyer interest or generate discussions on forum platforms or review sites.

Reliable Pharmacy appears to have sold only medicines for erectile dysfunction. The store did not mention whether it sold only generic products or if it sold brand name meds, but judging on the prices of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra pills on the platform, the store might have sold brand generic products. According to the shop, 8 pills of any among Viagra 100 mg, Cialis 20 mg, or Levitra 20 mg cost $79.95 – cheaper than the brand name price at local pharmacies, but double or triple the prices for the same products at other web drugstores.

Since the FAQ section of Reliable Pharmacy was only focused on answering questions about taking Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra, I found nothing stating the FDA status of the products and stating where the items came from. The store also had nothing about the prescription requirements for the products on the shop. I’ve only found discussions on the proper intake, contraindications, side effects, and other information specific to the three erectile dysfunction medicines available on the store.

Reliable Pharmacy is now offline so I was unable to do a test cart order to find out the shipping rate. Because of the logos on the former store’s archived information, though, I found out that the shop accepted VISA and MasterCard payments from its consumers.

Buyers contacted Reliable Pharmacy through email since the store did not provide its phone numbers and did not have a live chat option. Reviews

Because I found reviews essential in determining a store’s past performance, I tried to look for buyer references to Reliable Pharmacy. I was actually expecting customer reports for the pharmacy considering its allegedly long service history, but I was disappointed by the store’s lack of customer comments and testimonials online.

There could be several reasons why a store does not have any buyer testimonials. I presume that Reliable Pharmacy did not have its own comments because:

  • It was unpopular and had no reviews
  • The comments were from now-non-existing review platforms
  • The shop’s reviews were poorly optimized and thus fail to turn up in search engines

Nonetheless, it’s hard to speculate about Reliable Pharmacy’s actual performance given its lack of customer attention. However, I think it’s safe to assume that whatever Reliable Pharmacy did in the past may not have been successful given that it’s now closed. Reviews 2018

Present reviews for Reliable Pharmacy are not available because Reliable Pharmacy’s closed status for years. The least I can do to get insight on this online drugstore’s past performance is to check up on its domain using online platforms like Scamner and Legit Script.

I tried for Reliable Pharmacy and the result was underwhelming. According to Scamner, Reliable Pharmacy only deserved 0% out of 100 and it’s because it did not have plenty of visitors and had no existing trust records.

Reliable Pharmacy Legit Script Result
Reliable Pharmacy Legit Script Result

On the other hand, the shop Reliable Pharmacy did not even have records on Legit Script, and this does not bode well for its reliability. Coupon Codes

Reliable Pharmacy did not have coupon codes for its consumers, although it claimed to have a sale going on for its buyers. Here’s a sample price list for the store’s Viagra product:

Reliable Pharmacy Viagra Sale Prices
Reliable Pharmacy Viagra Sale Prices

The store has varying discounts for its consumers depending on what they plan to order from the shop. For instance, instead of asking for $139 for 8 pills of Viagra 50 mg, customers were only asked to pay roughly $80 for the batch, which is more than 50% off the original price. However, the discounts were somewhat inconsistent, since it’s not the case with the other quantities. Nevertheless, buyers were given cheaper prices for larger orders.


Reliable Pharmacy closed down without a warning, without even informing the public what became of its store. There were no clues for the specifics of what happened to this shop since the store was too unpopular to gain buyer attention or buyer reviews on the web.

However, since the store is now closed, the more important matter at hand is where to shop medicines next. We recommend shopping in stores included on our list of TOP Web Pharmacies for the present year – these stores do not only sell erectile dysfunction meds, they also have other items intended for other medical conditions.

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