Rapidtabs.com Review – A Pharmacy That Didn’t Gain Popularity During Long Standing Years

Rapidtabs.com Review – A Pharmacy That Didn’t Gain Popularity During Long Standing Years

Rapidtabs.com is an online pharmacy that claims to have been in operation since as far back as 2000. This appears to be a long time. But there is little to no information about this pharmacy online. I was even unable to find where this pharmacy operates from. Nevertheless, I can see that this website is basically in the business of providing drugs that treat erectile dysfunction. I have seen popular erectile dysfunction drugs displayed on this website including the brand and generic version Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. It is so surprising that this vendor has failed to list the prices it sells its erectile dysfunction meds. This could be as a result of the fact that their drugs are priced very high. I’m saying this because further research revealed that their ED drugs are rather too expensive. Viagra by Pfizer is sold for $106.60 per pill while its generic which is manufactured by a subsidiary of Pfizer is sold at $53.25 per pill. Cialis manufactured by Lily is also sold at $106.60 per tablet. And Levitra by Bayer is sold by this vendor at $84.60 per tablet. These prices are way too high. I mean what would be the essence of buying meds online if they were this higher than the prices in the local drugstores. Regarding the FDA approval status of the drugs sold by this vendor. Well, I can see that the brand ED drugs sold on this website are FDA approved. However, I cannot say the same for the generics. I tried to check around the website for any information regarding this but found nothing. Therefore, I cannot say anything regarding whether the generics sold by this vendor are FDA approved.

Furthermore, I checked for the payment methods accepted by this pharmacy and I saw that they accept Credit Card payments and Check. All orders on this website are shipped by UPS and USPS. USPS costs $18.95. UPS 2nd Day Air costs $28.60 and UPS next day costs $45.60.

In addition to this, I have seen no live chat on this website. Therefore to contact their support team you would have to do that via phone. This vendor’s support line is 800-640-9134. I also tried checking if this vendor has a refund policy or a return policy, but I found nothing. There is no content addressing refunds or returns on this vendor’s website. This is totally bad as most online pharmacies address reshipment. In other words, making an order form this platform is somewhat risky as you are not certain if there would be a resolution if your order encounters any problem or if you are not satisfied with the product received.

Rapidtabs.com Reviews

For the fact that this online pharmacy started operating in 2000, I expected, I was going to see a whole lot of reviews from customers. I mean a pharmacy for almost two decades should have a bunch of customers. And many of these customers should have dropped comments regarding their experience buying drugs from this vendor. Sadly, I found no customer review of Rapidtabs.com. I checked both their website and external sources but found nothing.

When a pharmacy lacks reviews like this it is hard to say it can be trusted. Any pharmacy that is popular among customers would have reviews. And these reviews would be the major indicator as to the level of satisfaction patients derive buying their meds here. I must state that it is not safe, but risky to buy your meds from this pharmacy. I strictly advise that you search for an online pharmacy that has a couple of positive reviews from customers. And to ensure these reviews are from a reliable source.

Rapidtabs.com Reviews 2018

The fact that reviews are lacking even in 2018 draws a lot of suspicion as to whether this drugstore is safe to patronize at all. I mean trying this pharmacy blindly without having an idea of how well they are performing is risky. Well, for me I would say this pharmacy is a no-go area if you do not desire a bad experience. A pharmacy with positive reviews both past and recent is a safer option.

Rapidtabs.com Coupon Codes

Like most online pharmacies offer discounts to customers as a way of securing their repeated patronage and incentivize them to buy more. I checked if this pharmacy actually offers any discounts. Sadly, they do not. This is really bad as it implies the management of this vendor cares less about its customers. Without discounts, how would a vendor show that it appreciates its customers? I mean it’s bad enough that the prices on this drugstore are high. A little discount would have sufficed. I think they are really in the pharmacy business for solely maximizing profits. I mean what else could be the explanation for this?


Rapidtab.com is an online pharmacy that offers approved ED meds manufactured by A-list pharmaceutical companies. This is a good thing as you are certain that the ED meds you buy from this vendor would get the job done. However, there are several drawbacks that give me worries about this vendor. This vendor lacks customer reviews, hence, we can’t say for sure if its services are great or not. Their online platform is not encrypted, hence, customer data can get into the wrong hands. Another drawback that is really saddening is the very high price of ED meds on this online pharmacy. The meds are not affordable. To top it all up, they do not give any form of discounts. I must say explicitly that I do not recommend this pharmacy to you.

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