Pills-and-health.com Review – Didn’t Last Even For A Year

Pills-and-health.com Review – Didn’t Last Even For A Year

Pills-and-health.com is another drug shop that is no longer an active pharmacy and my efforts to access the website did not bear any fruits. I tried looking for information from other online sources including independent review sites but I was not successful. I turned to the web archives to get some information regarding its services and noted that the earliest details were recorded in May 2015 and the pharmacy remained online until October 2015 when it was closed down. This means pills-and-health.com only operated for six months and claimed to provide customers with the best products that had been approved by the World Health Organization and the FDA. There was no proof that it had been verified by the regulatory bodies which mean it had not met their specifications.

The products were classified into various categories in accordance with the health issue they were used to treat. Among the classifications were Anti Alcohol, Weight loss, Cardiovascular Disease, Mental disorders, Eye Care, Stop Smoking, Muscle Relaxants, Hair Loss, Gastrointestinal Tract, Blood Pressure, Erectile Dysfunction, Birth Control, Antiparasitic, Motion Sickness, Penis Enlargement, Cancer, General Health, Pain Relief, Antifungals, Sleeping Aids, and Skin Care, among others. the customers were not required to provide a doctor’s prescription before buying medications from pills-and-health.com.

The bestsellers had not been listed on the homepage which looked much disorganized. Some of the medications in this category included Brand Viagra which was sold at $2.45 per pill, Strattera, Betnovate, Medrol, Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis, Cialis Super Active, Levitra, Amoxil, Cialis Professional, Cialis super Active, Kamagra, Clomid, Doxycycline, Viagra Professional, Propecia, Cytotec, Female Viagra, Lasix, Nolvadex, Zithromax, Flagyl, Accutane, Prednisone, and Zoloft, among others.

The accepted means of paying for the medications included Visa, MasterCard, and eCheck. Customers who wished to have their orders canceled would only do so within 24 hours after placing the order. It was required that a person who wished to cancel his order should notify the support team on time via the live chat or an email. Orders that had already been approved and shipped could not be canceled and the only option would be to receive their medications shipped.

Shipping of medications from pills-and-health.com was done via International Unregistered Airmail method which took a maximum of 21 days to have the medications delivered or the Trackable courier Service where the medications took a maximum of 9 days to be delivered. The duration could have been prolonged as a result of factors that were beyond the control of pills-and-health.com such as customs regulations.

If the order was lost or damaged during the shipping, pills-and-health.com advised their customers to notify them so that the medications could be re-shipped or a refund processed. Customers who accidentally gave an incorrect address when submitting the shipping details would bear the loss as pills-and-health.com could not compensate for the loss in such cases.

When contacting pills-and-health.com, customers had a choice of writing down a message using the contact form that was provided on the website and a response would be sent to them via email. There was also a live chat option where a customer would get an immediate response to his question or comment.

Pills-and-health.com Reviews

The only available testimonials were on the website that belongs to pills-and-health pharmacy shop and they were positive. The customers were appreciating the timely delivery of their orders and that they were updated on the shipping progress until the order was delivered. The prices of the medications were also cheaper compared to the prices of similar products in other online pharmacies.

Leon said that the customer service was very good and they updated him regarding the shipping progress. He adds that all his fears were unfounded when everything turned out right.

Frank is a resident of Denver who says that his Viagra pills were delivered before the agreed time and they were very effective. It seems the pills were for the treatment of erectile dysfunction as he says he had the best sex in his life after taking the pills.

Erika placed an order from Kansa and was glad for the huge saving when he purchased from the-pills-and-health.com. He had placed 3 orders and was happy for being able to save more every time he placed an order.

Mark B who resides in Manchester says that whenever he placed an order, it was his joy when it was delivered fast. Pill-and-health.com made this possible and according to him, it was the best. His review was an appreciation for a great job.

Pills-and-health.com Reviews

Despite the fact that these reviews speak well of pills-and-health.com, being on a website that is totally controlled by the pharmacy makes it impossible to know if they are from actual customers. They could be used to create a positive impression but in the actual sense, they might not be true.

Pills-and-health.com Reviews 2018

Pill-and-health.com is not an active e-pharmacy and this means it will be impossible to get any current reviews from their customers. The only available information is the informative posts that had been uploaded to make the customers learn more about the medications that pill-and-health.com used to sell.

Pill-and-health.com Coupon Codes

I could not find any coupon codes those customers who purchased from pills-and-health.com would benefit from. The shipping cost was not indicated in the FAQ section and it will be impossible to know if there was a shipping discount for the customers who purchased in bulk.

Pills-and-health.com Discounts

Looking at the table above, you will notice that the customers who purchased larger packages enjoyed bigger discounts. The price per pill for the smallest pack was $6.43 whereas the largest pack that contained 120 pills was sold at an average of $2.57 per pill.


Pills-and-health.com is no longer selling pharmaceutical products to their customers. It seems they had a bad start as its operations lasting less than a year and I was surprised when it was claimed that there were testimonials from customers on their website. Independent reviews were unavailable which means that we would not know if pills-and-health.com was a reliable online drugstore or a rogue pharmacy. Customers who were relying on pills-and-health.com for their pharmaceutical needs should look for another reliable online pharmacy. Our list of Top Web Drugstores will be of great use for anyone who needs help in choosing the right online drugstore to buy from.

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