Review – Rarely Visited Vendor With No Customer Reviews Review – Rarely Visited Vendor With No Customer Reviews is an online medicine vendor based in the United Kingdom. This vendor was established in 2009. This vendor does an online consultation for prescription treatments. They offer a whole lot of drugs including weight loss, malaria, premature ejaculation, contraceptives, acne, hair loss, quit smoking, allergy, erectile dysfunction etc. Clicking on the erectile dysfunction drugs, I saw a variety of ED meds that are popular including Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. The price you would get either of these drugs for would be dependent on the pharmacy you choose. Hence it is difficult to say whether drugs are cheap on this website or not. Like most pharmacies claim, this pharmacy claims that its drugs are FDA approved. Hence, they are not harmful to the health and they are effective.

The accepted payments on this platform are common. Thus, making payments on this platform should be easy. The payment methods include Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. Delivery of orders made are done through Royal Mail UK and delivers orders within 15 days and Royal Mail Special which delivers orders within 5 working days. For international deliveries, this vendor makes use of International Royal Mail Delivery and it takes 21 days. The cost of the shipping has not been revealed. Therefore, I can’t say if it is expensive or affordable.

This vendor does not have a live chat service. So if you want to talk with their customer support, live chat is out of it. The options you can make use of to contact their support team is the phone and email option. You can call them on +44 (0)20 3176 0022. Similarly, you can send an email to them on [email protected] for general inquiries and [email protected] for medical inquiries.

I also tried getting an information regarding their refund policy. They have stated explicitly that they do not accept returns as they are unable to guarantee the med remains in original condition after it has been delivered to you. Therefore, they have said refunds are not given to customers unless the package is rejected upon delivery and stays in the carrier’s hand. This is funny because how would you know there is a problem with the package you receive if you didn’t even collect it in the first place. I mean they must know that their customers are not magicians. Provisions should be made regarding an action plan if there is an issue with the package shipped out to customers. Reviews

What customers have to say about a pharmacy is a great determinant regarding whether you should try the pharmacy out or make use of another pharmacy. There could either be reviews of a pharmacy on the website of the pharmacy or an external website, or both. However, when there is a lack of reviews from customers, it basically implies that the pharmacy is not frequently patronized.

I searched both on the website of this vendor, but I found no reviews that attest to the quality of their service. it is surprising to me that this vendor has no reviews from customers. I mean they have been in operation since 2009. Their promotion must be really bad. Trust me when I say it is never a good idea to patronize a pharmacy without a review. I mean delving into patronizing a vendor having no prior knowledge of how much it satisfies customers would be utterly risky. It is for this reason that I advise you to try a pharmacy that has sufficient positive reviews from a trusted source. Reviews 2018

Taking a look at reviews given in 2018 would give us the advantage to have a close look at the current quality of service offered by the vendor in question. Without sharing recent customer reviews, we would be absolutely unable to see if customers are being satisfied. We would be unable to determine the reputation of the pharmacy of late. I searched for recent reviews which I could share with you about I have found one customer review given in 2018 review. Nonetheless, take a look at this screenshot of Scam Adviser’s rating of this vendor. This rating was updated in January 2018.

Scam Adviser Pharmadoctor
Scam Adviser Rating

Scam adviser gives a safety rating of 71%. This safety rating encompasses security from hackers, malware, and scammer. You can see in the screenshot that this vendor is rarely visited. This buttresses my point that low patronage is the leads to lack of reviews. Coupon Codes

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Coupons and discounts are a very important aspect of vendors incentivizing customers to make purchases. This is in no doubt true as customers are always inclined to save more and more of their money and that’s why they are always in search of the best offer for drugs. I have found one coupon for

With the coupon code in the screenshot above, you can enjoy 15% off your purchases on

Conclusion appears to be an SSL secured vendor. It also has an interface that is easy to navigate. However, this pharmacy lacks customer reviews and it is threat listed. One cannot take this lightly at all. When a vendor lacks reviews, that is a major drawback. How then do we ascertain the quality of this online doctor consultation prescription service? And the quality of meds patients buys through their platform. I recommend that you try elsewhere.

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