Review – Long-standing Pharmacy With A Good Reputation Review – Long-standing Pharmacy With A Good Reputation is the UK registered pharmacy which has been in existence since as far back as 1964. That is a lot of years if you agree. Over these years they have gained a name for themselves in the pharmaceutical sales industry selling various meds for different treatment. When I checked their website, drugs were categorized into various categories. some of the categories are Hair loss, Allergy, Asthma, Arthritis and Gout, Incontinence, Contraception, Cystitis, Premature Ejaculation Stop Smoking, Erectile Dysfunction etc. As I was interested in the popular erectile dysfunction category, I clicked on it to see the erectile dysfunction medicines they sell and at what rate. I saw many erectile dysfunction meds; both brand-names and generics. However, only the popular brands; Cialis Viagra, and Levitra caught my attention. Based on the official exchange rate as at the time of writing this review, Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra are sold on this website for $41.85, $31.43, and $36.61 per pack of 4 tablets respectively.

From all indications, the drugs sold on this online pharmaceutical platform appear to be FDA approved. I have found out that you can pay for drugs on this platform using various mediums. They accept Delta, Mastercard, Solo, Maestro, Visa, and Visa Electron. And regarding the shipping of orders, I have discovered that this pharmacy ships within and outside the UK. Deliveries from $52 above get free shipping for deliveries within the UK. Orders below $52 dollars cost $3.86 to ship within the UK; they call this the UK standard delivery and it takes up to 2 days. Royal mail tracked would be used. Another option for a customer within the UK is the special delivery which costs $7.73 delivers orders the next working day if ordered before 3 pm; Royal Mail Special Delivery would be used. And for overseas delivery Royal Mail tracked would be used but the fee and duration would be totally dependent on the country.

Furthermore, this pharmacy does not make use of a live chat. You could either phone them on 01217723873. You can also leave a message for them on the form in their “Contact Us” page.

Pharmacydirectgb Write Us Form

This pharmacy has not said much about returning of products delivered to patients giving of refunds has not been addressed by this pharmacy. Nevertheless, from further research going through their terms and conditions; I could infer that complaints about products could be made within 5 days of delivery. After 5 days of no complaint, it is deemed that the product shipped is accepted by you. Reviews

Owing to the fact that this pharmacy is has been in existence for a very long while and it is popular among customers, I have been able to find customer reviews regarding the quality of their service. These reviews were gotten from an independent and trustable source.

Pharmacydirectgb Customer Review

This review comes from Mike. He lauds the quality of meds sold by this pharmacy, their prices and swift delivery. He attests to the fact that they are a “bona fide UK Pharmacy”. With his experience, he saw no reason not to award them a 5-star rating.

Pharmacydirectgb Customer Review

Peter the delivery of this vendor, but has a problem with the ordering process. He says “delivery good, Ordering not so”. His disappointment in the ordering process stems from the fact that he had to complete his details again when reordering for the same prescription and also pay another full consultation fee. Since it’s the same med consultation should not be required and information should be stored as well. I believe this pharmacy needs to do something about this customer satisfaction loophole in their ordering process. All in all, there is no evidence of scam of fake meds. Which implies they are reputable and can be depended upon. Reviews 2018

I would share with you two customer reviews of this pharmacy, given more recently. This would enable us to know their current standing in terms of quality of service.

Pharmacydirectgb Customer Review

This review was given by Brian in 2017. He says that their prices, delivery, and overall service are great. Telling us that he has been their customer for years without encountering any problem. He says “highly recommended”.

Pharmacydirectgb Customer Review

This review comes from Sarah. She wrote this on April 7 and updated it 3 days after. At first, she complained that she was disappointed as payment has been charged two weeks ago but she didn’t get her order. This is not good! However, she came back to update her comment saying she has received her orders and refunds. She says “many thanks”. This review indicates that they truly resolve issues with orders and shipments swiftly. I can, therefore, say that it is safe to patronize this pharmacy; owing to the fact that their recent performance is not bad. Coupon Code

Free Delivery Offer
Free Delivery Offer

The first offer I saw that customers could take advantage of is the free delivery offer.

You have access to this if you make an order worth $52. Note that this is subject to the exchange rate as at the time this article was written.

Conclusion appears to be a great online pharmacy. I say this because they have been in existence for many decades, they have good reviews from an independent source, their prices are great, and their shipping service also appears great. One other thing that I like about the pharmacy is that it is fully encrypted. The only flaw I can say about this pharmacy is the lack of a live chat. This pharmacy of long-standing years should have a live chat to allow for a free instant response of customer questions and queries. Otherwise, it is safe to try this long-standing pharmacy with a good reputation.

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