Review – Pharmacy Offering High Shipping Price Review – Pharmacy Offering High Shipping Price is our bone of contention in this article. You might have been wondering if you should try this pharmacy out. Well, I guess you are in luck. All you need to know about the credibility of this drug vendor is packed in this review. The first thing I found out about that aroused suspicions was that it claimed that they are based in the United States and they’ve been in operation since 2001. However, from my research, I discovered that this vendor was established in 2004 and its real location is hidden. I’m sure you can now understand why I was suspicious. I have seen a lot of drugs on this website ranging from weight loss, ADHD, Insomnia, pain relief, anxiety, and Men’s Health.

The popular drugs I noticed that belong to the men’s health category were Kamagra and the generic to Cialis which as you know treat erectile dysfunction in men. Their price for Kamagra is $105 for 30 pills which implies $3.5 per pill. On the other hand, they sell 30 pills of Cialis for $239 which implies $7.97 per pill. I must say that these prices are high for generics. Most drug vendors sell generic ED meds for way lower prices. I found no information as to whether the drugs they offer are FDA approved. Nevertheless, you should know that their drugs come from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

I checked for the payments accepted on this platform and I found a few. You can use Mastercard, Visa, Western Union, Bitcoin, and Money Gram to make payments for orders made. And for their shipping rates, it would depend on what type of shipping you choose. The express shipping which delivers orders made in 7 to 10 working days costs $80 and the standard shipping which takes 7 to 14 days costs $40. The shipping fees are really outrageous. I guess the prices and fees are commonly high with this vendor.

Onestoppharma Contact Form

I tried checking if I could talk to their customer support via live chat. Even though in their ‘Contact Us’ page they hinted that they had a live chat all I saw was a contact us form and an email address. The emails address [email protected] and here is how the contact form looks like.

I also checked if they made provisions for refunds in case a customer experiences any hitch with their services. Then I found out in their refund policy that they support refunds if the product received proves ineffective, failure to receive order, and cancellation of an order by a customer which has to be done 3 hours after making payment. They also reship free of charge if the product received is damaged or wrong product is received with the addition of ineffective products and shipping delay. Note that reshipment takes up to 5 business days to place and 14 to 21 days. However, there is an option of expediting reshipment which only happens if you make another order. In which case, everything would be shipped out together in the same parcel. Customer Reviews

Onestoppharma Customer Review

Here, I would be sharing with you comments from customers who have purchased products from this online vendor. Below are two on-site reviews, bear in mind that they cannot be totally trusted since they are a part of the website’s contents and could have been edited by this vendor.

Copeland id the first reviewer here. He tells us about his experience buying Mogadon from this From what he tells us the drugs he ordered from this vendor worked pretty well. So, we could say that they sell efficacious drugs. With his satisfaction with the quality of meds he got he says he likes to buy a “large number of meds” from this vendor.

Onestoppharma Customer Review

This other review comes from Brad who bought Kamagra from He commends their fast delivery and cheap price. He says “it was pleasure”.

This review speak well of pointing to the fact that it is a great place to shop for your meds. However, I’m wary of the fact that the second reviewer commended their price, I mean it’s obvious that this Vendor’s prices are quite on the high side including their shipping fee which is outrageous. This buttresses my point that you should not trust this on-site reviews. Reviews 2018

For the fact that I have shared a couple of reviews about does not suffice, It is important that I share with you recent reviews so you could see how they have been doing of recent. Luckily, I found the testimonials of customers who have tried this vendor out in the comment section of an independent website. Check the screenshot.

This review was given by Tzouli one year ago. This Customer sounds totally disappointed saying this vendor “scams”.

Onestoppharma Customer Reviews

This other review from Karen given 9 months ago tells us that there was a sort of fraudulent activity regarding payments made when she ordered from this vendor. She tells us she got a call to change her method of payment from Visa and pay through “Western Union”.

These reviews do not speak well of this vendor as of recent. It appears they cannot be trusted as there is a level of fraudulence portrayed in their dealings with customers. Coupon Codes

Onestop Pharma Offers
Onestop Pharma Offers

I have seen to offers on this vendor’s website. Customers get 25% off their order if payments are made via Bitcoin and 15% off if payments are made via Western Union. Check out the screenshot below.

Conclusion has not impressed me. They have a friendly interface but the drawbacks I have seen regarding this vendor are numerous. The platform is not secured, drugs like Kamagra which is a little over a dollar per pill in most pharmacies is $3.5 per pill on this pharmacy, the shipping fee is also high and the external reviews are negative.

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