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My Mexican Drugstore is an online pharmacy which is just like any other online pharmacy except that it is located in Mexico and mostly sells pharmaceutical products made my Mexican pharma companies. The meds produced in Mexico is also of the same quality of the medicines produced in countries such as the United States and Canada as its drugs are all approved by the FDA. All of the pharmaceutical companies in Mexico are being closely monitored by its Ministry of Health to make sure that the medicines they produce are safe and effective for use. Most of their products are generic medicines and customers can be assured that the medications that they will be getting from My Mexican Drugstore will certainly be able to treat the health conditions that they were made for. Mexican-produced medicines also use the best raw materials to give the patients and users the best results when they are taken. It was not clear if required its clients to provide scripts for their prescription drugs but since its site had no fax number or email address for customers to use, we can assume that it didn’t.

In visiting My Mexican Drugstore’s site, people will notice that its website is quite organized, a trait which allows the customers to access all the functions that they need to access. On the top right part of its webpage, users can change the currency of the site for them to see the prices in their own money. Clients from the US no longer need to worry since the default currency is set to USD but customers from Mexico can always switch the currency to Mexican peso. UK customers also have the option to change the currency to GBP for their convenience, and it’s also the same for shoppers from Europe as they will also be able to change the currency to their own which is in euros.

Also in the top right part of My Mexican Drugstore’s site is a search bar where customers can search for their meds in the quickest way possible. Of course, they are going to need the correct spelling of their meds to be able to search for relevant results but they can use either the generic name or the brand name of the medicine they’re looking for. There are other methods available for the users to find their medications at My Mexican Drugstore. On the upper part of its page, customers will see its featured medicines which are on a slide. Just below this slide, the users will find its bestsellers list which acts as a quick access page for its most frequently-bought products. The customers also have the option to shop for their meds by category. The medicine categories of My Mexican Drugstore can be found on the left part of its page and also on the bottom of its site. Here, shoppers will not only be able to find the medicine brand that they’re looking for but they will also find other medicine options which could be better or cheaper than their brand. For example, sells Levitra pills for only $98.75 for four (4) tablets while at local pharmacies, Levitra is sold for $65 USD per pill. Buyers will save hundreds of dollars here compared to purchasing their meds locally.

An alphabetical search is also possible at My Mexican Drugstore as it has also arranged its medicines alphabetically for users to find their meds by the first letter of their brand or generic names. This search method is perfect for patients who are not very familiar with the spelling of the name of their meds. At My Mexican Drugstore, customers can also find their drugs based on the name of their manufacturers. Since My Mexican Drugstore also sells the medicine brands which are also found at local pharmacies, shoppers will have no problems in locating their branded medicines on its site. Products of famous manufacturers such as Pfizer, Novartis, Bayer, Merck, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, and many others can be found at My Mexican Drugstore. Shoppers will now find it easier to buy their branded meds as they would no longer need to visit their local pharmacies to purchase them; they only need to visit My Mexican Drugstore online and place their orders.

Unfortunately, can only be contacted through email as its site didn’t provide any contact details such as customer support hotlines. For customers who want to send their concerns over to the site’s customer service department, they can proceed to its Contact Us page and fill out the forms. Concerning refunds, reshipments, and order replacements, is a site that grants such requests from its clients provided that the conditions meet the requirements that are within its terms. Reviews

Due to the lack of third-party user reviews for the site, the only reviews that we can retrieve are the user reviews which were found on the testimonials page of My Mexican Drugstore itself. Since these reviews are on-site reviews, they really can’t be taken as 100% trustworthy because there’s always the possibility that these may have been fabricated by the site to make a good impression to its potential customers. But even if this is the case, let’s read these reviews for My Mexican Drugstore.

Mymexicandrugstore User Reviews

Elizabeth Hughes, a customer of My Mexican Drugstore from the UK, just wanted to thank the site for the good service that she has received. She has already received the pills that she ordered and is looking forward to getting better after using them. She also appreciates the fact that those pills that she bought were not available in the UK and that My Mexican Drugstore was a great help in providing them.

A repeat client of My Mexican Drugstore named Kat M simply wanted to thank the site as she has now received her ordered meds. She also thanks the online pharmacy for the excellent customer service that she has experienced.

What Janice Duenas was thankful for was the professionalism and courteous customer service provided by Francisco, a customer care representative of My Mexican Drugstore. Her orders arrived in a timely manner and because of this, she will be ordering again in the future. Reviews 2018

Unfortunately, there are no recent reviews available for My Mexican Drugstore. We don’t know for sure why but one reason could be its customers were only interested in buying meds and not in reviewing the site itself. The place to put a review for the site is just below its bestsellers list but My Mexican Drugstore’s customers may be too busy to leave a comment. Coupon Codes

My Mexican Drugstore offers an option to its customers for them to subscribe and save. The product indicated above is Tramadol 100 mg but this is available for all of its products. For one-time deliveries, there will be no discounts. But if the customers will subscribe for a regular supply, their meds will be discounted by 10%.

Mymexicandrugstore Subscribe and Save


My Mexican Drugstore is an online generic medicine source offering FDA-approved generic meds, and great product range. Its customers will also find it very easy to use its website because its products are arranged in a simple and organized manner. It’s just unfortunate that the site doesn’t have any contact numbers for its clients to call which puts people needing assistance at a big disadvantage. The lack of third-party user reviews for My Mexican Drugstore is also alarming since there would be no way for customers to find out if it’s indeed trustworthy. But for online pharmacies which are reliable, customers should check our top recommended providers.

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