Review – Web Pharmacy With Not Much Online Information Review – Web Pharmacy With Not Much Online Information has its domain now for sale. I was expecting to encounter an online pharmacy when I keyed in the store’s domain on my address bar, but apparently, the shop failed to maintain its Meds Pharma domain and has exited the world of online selling without leaving any trace.

My first instinct was to search for buyer reviews for the Meds Pharma site, in order for me to be able to gain insight into this store’s performance. However, I was severely disappointed by the shop’s lack of web footprint – the store did not have customer reviews and other form of buyer or user attention on the web.

Although I was able to use the Internet Archive platform to look back on the former details of the Meds Pharma shop, I was only sorely disappointed to find out that this store’s records were like what I expected. Even if there was info for Meds Pharma, the shop’s archive records were sans the graphics and appear disorganized.

Based on the information on Meds Pharma, the shop offered mostly generic treatments intended for a variety of uses. Customers were able to find medicines for erectile dysfunction, skin diseases, gastric upsets, and other medical conditions on Meds Pharma. The most popular medicines on the platform included the following top items:

  • Generic Nolvadex: $0.83 each pill
  • Generic Effexor: $1.04 each pill
  • Generic Lipitor: $0.78 each pill
  • Generic Zithromax: $1.11 each pill
  • Generic Strattera: $0.74 each pill

Customers did not need to provide their prescriptions whenever ordering their stuff from the Meds Pharma store. Although this is the case, the shop mentioned that buyers were obliged to fill out a brief medical questionnaire before they were permitted to order from the platform. The questionnaires were then evaluated by the store’s doctor and were subject for approval.

According to Meds Pharma’s information, all of the products available in the store were approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which means that the meds were safe and effective to use. Meds Pharma also stated that the medicines on the platform were sourced from GMP-approved and legitimate manufacturers, so consumers may be assured of the meds’ effectiveness.

Customers were allowed to pay for their items using their credit cards. As for the shipping, Meds Pharma stated that most of its products have already included the shipping cost in their prices, so consumers have enjoyed free shipping for most of their orders on Meds Pharma.

As for refunds, the shop offered refunds and reshipments for buyers as long as they consult with the store. Returns, however, were not granted by Meds Pharma since it was compliant with international pharmacy standards. Reviews

Meds Pharma did not have any form of reviews on-site. The store also did not have third-party reviews, which made it difficult for me to evaluate the store’s performance with the help of customer comments.

Based on experience, buyer testimonials played an important role in determining whether an online pharmacy was reliable or not. In most cases, online pharmacies without third-party reviews were usually scam stores or questionable online pharmacies. On the other hand, shops with adequate third-party reviews are usually reliable and efficient.

Since Meds Pharma did not have customer testimonials available, it’s easy to assume that the website was perhaps a questionable store. The shop also had no concrete web records, which means that Meds Pharma only had a few years of service. Reviews 2018

As for Meds Pharma, the store did not have recent reviews for its service, especially since it closed down long before the present year. It’s hard enough to look for buyer testimonials for the shop in the past years, I believe it is more challenging to search for customer reviews for Meds Pharma for the present year; however, I tried using the help of a third-party platform to analyze Meds Pharm or what remained of its website.

Meds Pharma Website Evaluation
Meds Pharma Website Evaluation

According to the 3rd party analysis for Meds Pharma, the domain’s age is just about 4 years and that it was founded in the United States, although its owner was located in the Czech Republic. Meds Pharma was recognized as a threat-listed online pharmacy, which means that it was unsafe to use. However, since Meds Pharma is now closed, I think there is no cause for concern when it comes to this online pharmacy. Coupon Codes

I checked for customer deals on Meds Pharma, but the shop turned up empty when it comes to discounts. Most online pharmacies, though, offer various types of discounts for customers to enjoy, like the following:

  • Coupons: Seasonal coupon codes for buyers; at times, customers need to satisfy certain conditions first before they enjoy these coupons
  • Free Shipping: Some online pharmacies are able to give free shipping to consumers who are able to purchase bulk products
  • Bulk Discount: Most web drugstores give special prices for consumers with larger orders than most buyers
  • Free Pills: Generous online pharmacies give out free pills to consumers regardless of their orders, while other web drugstores require buyers to purchase a certain number of items first


Meds Pharma is another closed shop; however, this online pharmacy did not have much information on the web. Well, this isn’t a surprise given the number of online pharmacies closing down on a regular basis and without leaving sufficient information for us to refer to. It’s hard to determine whether the Meds Pharma store has left a good mark or not due to the insufficient info for the shop on the web.

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