Hq-pharm.com Review – Another Seized Store – Was It Really A Bad Site?

Hq-pharm.com Review – Another Seized Store – Was It Really A Bad Site?

Hq-pharm.com, one of the many internet pharmacies on the web, has now been seized by the government. According to the seizure message, the HQ Pharm store was one of the vendors who were suspended for suspicion of selling counterfeit medications online. There’s nothing on the web able to prove this though, but still, the store’s domain was embargoed and its owners issued a lawsuit for the alleged damages to the US government.

Most online drugstores are being seized one by one by the government. Some were good calls, but in some cases, the government ended up closing otherwise benign stores. Now I am not sure about the case of HQ Pharm, but what I’m saying is that sometimes, the government doesn’t really care if an online pharmacy is a scam site or not – the government just wants to shut them all down. Often, this is a result of their partnership with massive pharmaceutical companies – the government protects the interests of these large companies so they will continue to rake in profits for the government. Small time businesses, like most of the web pharmacies around, somewhat stifle the profit-making process of these massive companies, hence their intent to close them all down. Sure, some online stores are really a scam and deserve to be closed down, but in most cases, these stores are just really helpful online pharmacies with the intent to give buyers the access to cheaper medications.

HQ Pharm offered plenty of generic and brand name medicines to choose from and for almost any medical condition buyers would have thought of. Since 2011, the store has sold cheap medicines to help buyers save a lot in cost when it comes to their treatments, so buyers can thrive despite the high local drugstore prices.

Prescriptions were not required on HQ Pharm, but the store encouraged the buyers to consult their doctors before using its products, especially the Rx-only ones. According to the shop, all of its medicines were at least approved by the Indian FDA and were genuine generic treatments, contrary to what the government is claiming that the HQ Pharm store sold counterfeit products.

Although HQ Pharm offered a live chat option, buyers wouldn’t be able to reach out to the store due to its seized status. Unfortunately, buyers may not expect HQ Pharm to resurrect anytime so it’s better for HQ Pharm clients to look for new online drugstores to patronize.

Hq-pharm.com Reviews

Reviews for the HQ Pharm store were available, but only on-site. This means that the store did not really have reviews from actual customers with real experience of purchasing from the shop. Although on-site reviews are reviews, they are hard to verify since they have originated merely from the store and may be biased or just created by the shop staff.

A Few HQ Pharm On-Site Testimonials
A Few HQ Pharm On-Site Testimonials

In the case of HQ Pharm, however, I had no choice but to use its on-site testimonials since there were no other reviews available for this online platform. Naturally, the reviews were too positive and there was nothing on the platform that indicated some form of conflict or problem with HQ Pharm.

Most of the buyers wrote anonymously, and the themes of the comments for the HQ Pharm store revolved only around the following thoughts:

  • Thankfulness for the fast delivery of the products
  • Confirmation that the buyers have received the orders
  • Admiration for the low prices for the medicines
  • Thankfulness for the effective products
  • Desire to order again because of the pleasant experience with the store

Hq-pharm.com Reviews 2018

Although I knew that HQ Pharm has already closed down before 2018, I still tried to search for buyer reviews for the shop. Naturally, I did not find any. To be able to discover more details for this shop though, I used the service of a domain-investigating platform and true enough, I was able to discover more about HQ Pharm even if it’s now closed:

HQ Pharm Assessment Report
HQ Pharm Assessment Report

Overall, HQ Pharm was given a 3/100 score by the domain checker. According to the details, HQ Pharm was created in 2011 and that the site was hosted in the United States. Although compared to most online pharmacies, the store HQ Pharm ran longer, the store did not have an SSL certificate which means that it has endangered its past customers’ financial details due to the lack of protection that an SSL certificate was supposed to give.

Hq-pharm.com Coupon Codes

HQ Pharm Offers
HQ Pharm Offers

No HQ Pharm coupon codes were available even on the former site records on the web archive. However, HQ Pharm still had several deals which the customers may have found useful when HQ Pharm was still online:

Offers from HQ Pharm were pretty much conditional – the buyers were only given free shipping and free pills if their orders were able to reach a certain amount. These conditional deals wouldn’t have helped a lot of clients, but perhaps benefited a fraction of the HQ Pharm customers in the past.


HQ Pharm was another seized website and like the other sites before this one, there isn’t enough online information to attest that HQ Pharm was indeed a counterfeit drugs seller. The store was incepted in 2011 which made it one long-running store, but apparently, its long web tenure wasn’t enough to stop the government from embargoing its domain. Since HQ Pharm is now closed, buyers need to look for good stores and I think shops included on our list of TOP Web Pharmacies would do them good.

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