Review – Had Mixed Receptions From Its Former Clients Review – Had Mixed Receptions From Its Former Clients is an online drugstore specializing in the sale of generic medicines to consumers interested in saving more for their prescriptions. This shop, according to the details presented on the website, was incepted in 2006, making it one of the earliest and longest-running online drugstores in the market. Most web drugstores usually last more or less a year, so Grant Pharmacy operating since 2006 is definitely a commendable feat.

There is no information on Grant Pharmacy regarding where it is operating from; however, it mentions that it is shipping its products to users from various places of the world, like North and South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Apart from that, I am a bit clueless about where this store is based.

Compared to other online pharmacies with the same products, Grant Pharmacy stands out since it does not take after the appearance of other online pharmacies. Unlike most online pharmacies, Grant Pharmacy looks unique, although I still have to verify if it belongs to a pharmacy network or if it’s a clone or a mirror website.

Grant Pharmacy sells typical generic medicines like erectile dysfunction products, allergy medications, hair loss treatments, asthma treatments, mental health medications, and several others. Its most popular products include the following items:

  • Viagra Generic: starts at $59
  • Cialis Generic: starts at $79
  • Amoxil: starts at $29
  • Generic Levitra: starts at $99
  • Cialis Soft Tabs: starts at $105

These medicines on Grant Pharmacy may be bought without prescriptions although according to Grant Pharmacy, customers should still consult their doctors first before using any product on its platform. Grant Pharmacy assures the consumers that all of its products are safe to use and are legal to use; however, it is implicit in Grant Pharmacy’s information that its products are still unapproved by the FDA because the US FDA approval is expensive and the manufacturers of the generic products sold by the Grant Pharmacy can’t yet afford the cost of the US FDA approval. Nevertheless, according to Grant Pharmacy, medicines sold by the store were manufactured by companies fully compliant with their national regulations when it comes to drug manufacturing and distribution.

Customers may pay for their orders on Grant Pharmacy using their credit cards – Grant Pharmacy only accepts VISA and MasterCard payments. As for shipping, buyers in the United States may enjoy free shipping for their products; however, Grant Pharmacy did not state its shipping rates for buyers outside the United States.

Refunds and reshipments are allowed by Grant Pharmacy for the following conditions:

  • Non-delivered orders (within 30 days of shipment date)
  • Incomplete orders
  • Double charges

Grant Pharmacy may be reached out to using its messaging option and using its live chat whenever there are customer reps available. Reviews

I checked the web for available reviews for the shop Grant Pharmacy and ended up looking at mixed reviews for the online pharmacy. Here are some of the buyer testimonials I’ve found for Grant Pharmacy from a third-party review site:

Grant Pharmacy Reviews
Grant Pharmacy Reviews

According to the user named Anson Caudill who posted his report on Top Online Pharmacies in November 2016, Grant Pharmacy was a scam store because he did not receive his order from the site. He mentioned placing his order “months ago” and receiving nothing from the shop and receiving no explanation for this as well. Anson urged the buyers to stay away from this dubious online drugstore. He rated the store 1/5 stars.

Another user, who posted his comment earlier than Anson, George Perez (posted December 2015) wrote that he ordered from Grant Pharmacy due to his brother’s recommendation. He rated the shop 4 out of 5 stars and somewhat asked Grant Pharmacy to give him a coupon discount for his next order. Reviews 2018

Grant Pharmacy also had one review for the present year, from the same third-party platform. According to the user named Joe Demeter, who posted his review in May 2018, he placed an order on Grant Pharmacy a month before his comment and he never received his order.

Grant Pharmacy Complaint
Grant Pharmacy Complaint

Joe mentioned contacting the shop via email for 5 times and received no response from the website. He advised customers to stay away from Grant Pharmacy due to its unreliable service and scam activity.

Besides Joe’s comment though, there were no other references to Grant Pharmacy from all over the web. Yes, there were reviews posted on Grant Pharmacy’s website but since on-site reviews are volatile and may be biased towards the shop they are found in, I could not bring myself to trust these statements. Coupon Codes

Grant Pharmacy Coupon Code
Grant Pharmacy Coupon Code

Grant Pharmacy is one of the few online drugstores offering coupon discounts for their customers. For instance, this online drugstore is offering a 10% off the buyer purchases through the code SAVE 10 which buyers may enter upon checkout:

Apart from the coupon code, Grant Pharmacy is also offering this deal:

Free Shipping on Grant Pharmacy
Free Shipping on Grant Pharmacy

According to the shop, all orders made by clients in the United States qualify for free Airmail shipping. There were no other conditions for this offer.


Grant Pharmacy is an online drugstore selling generic products for a wide range of medical products. This online pharmacy requires the consumers to send in their prescriptions, something that’s commendable for an online pharmacy.

While the shop Grant Pharmacy had positive on-site comments and a few good customer reviews from third-party sites from the past years, Grant Pharmacy also had complaints from customers who have never received their orders. If you’re planning to order from Grant Pharmacy, make sure you’re aware of the risks and do a small test order first to know if you can trust the website or not.

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