Review – An Online Pharmacy And A Referral In One That Lasted Only For Two Years Review – An Online Pharmacy And A Referral In One That Lasted Only For Two Years was an internet pharmacy and a referral center that started operating in 2016 and ceased operating in early 2018. This is an internet drugstore that does not offer much information about themselves. On their home page, they just claim to be a provider of quality medications to customers worldwide with the help of their associate pharmacies around the world.

This online drugstore offered a long list of medical categories that they cater. They offered drugs in the following categories: men’s health, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, ADHD, high blood pressure, antibiotics, smoking aid, heart and cholesterol drugs, asthma and allergies, pain relief and arthritis, and eye conditions among others. They also sold medicines for hair loss, detox, weight loss, contraceptives, skin care, and thyroid.

Among the products offered under the sexual health category were generic brands of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. They also offered Viagra/Cialis Soft Pills, Viagra Oral Jelly, Viagra/Cialis Professional, Dapoxetine, Kamagra, Viagra/Cialis Super Active, Sublingual Viagra Pro, Sublingual Cialis Pro, Aurochem Viagra, Tadalis, Caverta, Tadalis SX, Super P Force, Zenegra, and Suhagra among others. As this online pharmacy was no longer operational, the information about prices was no longer available.

Gen Pills also offered extreme ED trial packs. Extreme ED trial pack comes with different brands of erectile dysfunction medicines such as a combination of Viagra Professional and Cialis Professional or Viagra Oral Jelly and Cialis Oral Jelly. They also offered combinations of up to three ED brands. If you want a regular erectile dysfunction drug but you don’t know which brand to use, you can order the regular ED trial pack that comes with generic Viagra, generic Levitra, and generic Cialis.

Gen Pills said that the medicines they offered were all FDA approved. They added that they only collaborated with manufacturers that passed the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). What Gen Pills was saying was that they were not an online pharmacy but they can connect their customers to real pharmacies that can deliver legit and FDA approved drugs.

During their operation, offered free worldwide shipping thru Registered Air Mail Service. With this service, orders were delivered within 21 days. There were expedited shipping options according to their FAQ page but these were only available on the checkout page. The cost of expedited delivery depends on the destination and weight of the order.

For payment, Genpills accepts credit card. Other payment method were mentioned but were not specified. With the website being inactive, we are unable to retrieve the other payment options they have. can be contacted by their customers thru their contact us page. They also released two contact numbers, 1 312 380 0446 and 1 866 210 9191.

GenPills processed orders to customers that were 21 years of age. Customers who ordered from this store are also expected to know if their country accepts imported drugs. For all orders, GenPills wanted their customers to ensure that they were providing the correct address as missed delivery due to incorrect address provided by customers were not eligible for free reshipping. Reviews

From Genpills users, here are some of the feedback we gathered from their early years as an online pharmacy.

Genpills Reviews

We gathered two customer reviews, one from Stewart and another from Alvaro. The review was actually a comment left by a user in a website that reviewed GenPills. According to Stewart, his issue was resolved within two hours of reporting it. He was impressed and considered it an achievement for Genpills customer service.

For the second review, Alvaro shared that after ordering, he was very surprised to see his order the next day. He added that the what he said was not a joke.

These two third-party reviews of Genpills were short but were direct to the point. It was indeed helpful to find such an online pharmacy that can deliver and with a helpful customer support team. The only loophole we are seeing is the fact that they are now closed and they did without leaving any explanation. Reviews 2018

With being closed down before 2018, we are unable to find any new reviews associated with this e-store. The information we gathered thru the internet archive is also limited as some information are no longer available. Coupon Codes

Genpills Offers

Giving out coupon codes is a helpful way to make a name for business and stores. If consumers can remember your name, there is a bigger chance that they will purchase from your store.

During the two years that GenPills operated, we are unable to find any coupon codes from this e-store. It looks like they what they used to keep their loyal customers and attract new customers are specials and discounted prices. They offered fine quality medicines; send orders free of charge, easy refunds and safe shopping.

They were also giving 10% discount to all returning customers.


GenPills was an internet drugstore that started operating two years ago. Their official line is that they are the web’s number 1 store for doctor recommended medicines. After two years, they stopped operating, hence information we used for this review were just from the web archive and third party review websites. The reason for their closure was not disclosed.

We appreciate the fact that they offered a long list of medicines that consumers can order for a very affordable price. They offer affordable generic erectile dysfunction medicines, they offer free shipping, and they have a reliable support team. It would have been great if we are able to test this e-dispensary and experience their reliability as an internet pharmacy.

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