Review – Seized Online Ed Drugs Source Review – Seized Online Ed Drugs Source was an online pharmacy that is all about selling pills for treating a male sexual health condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is a very common condition, a sexual issue that half the population of men over 40 years of age has and focused its resources to only selling ED meds to cater to this great need. The main product which was sold by was a drug named Fildena, a generic brand of Viagra which is the most popular ED brand in the market. As a generic drug, Fildena costs way less. Fildena was sold at for only $0.69 USD per pill, a very low price for a drug used for treating ED. Viagra, on the other hand, has a price that ranges from $79 to $91 USD per pill; a costly price that most customers won’t be able to afford. But since Fildena has the same active ingredient as Viagra which is sildenafil citrate, using it would give the patients the exact same results. Compared to the other generic ED pills sold by, its main product Fildena is cheaper. And by making Fildena and other generic ED pills available on its website, helped many customers save money while they get sufficient amount of pills that they needed.

Aside from selling Fildena, also offered other generics of Viagra such as Viagra Soft and Viagra Super Active. These generics were unlike the standard ED pills which are swallowed whole with water. Viagra soft is a generic form of Viagra that dissolved easily in the mouth, giving its users quicker results than taking the standard Viagra tablets. Viagra Super Active is also similar to Viagra Soft except that it has much stronger effects than the other. not only made these products available to give its clients cheaper options but also to give its customers better versions of the original brands. Viagra’s onset of effect is around 45 minutes to 1 hour while these generic Viagra variants kick in for as quick as 15 to 20 minutes. Another generic brand of Viagra which is sold by is Kamagra, a sildenafil citrate generic manufactured by Ajanta Pharma in India. sold a standard version of this drug which has the same onset and duration of effect as the original Viagra. The site also sold its variants which are flavored and also have a quicker effect onset than the original brand.

Generics of the drug Cialis were also sold by Cialis is the second most popular ED drug on the market and has an average price of $70 USD per pill. Aside from its standard hard pill form, also sold its generic variant which is Cialis Soft. All of these pills along with other generics were only priced below $3 USD per pill and compared to the local drugstore prices, this price is way cheaper.

But is no longer available as a website as it has been seized by the US government due to the accusation that it sold counterfeit products to its customers. Whether this accusation is true or not, only the customers of that used its products can prove if there’s a truth behind this allegation. But what seems to be the real reason behind the site’s seizure was the campaign launched by corporate drugstore chains to close down online pharmacies. Large drugstore companies have made this move to get their customers back since after customers have learned that drug prices online are much cheaper, most of them have stopped purchasing their meds locally. This greatly reduced the profit of these companies and also the large pharmaceutical companies that’s why they moved to terminate the operations of these small online pharmacies with the help of the US government agencies. Reviews

What we have below are the user reviews from the site of itself. Due to the reason that third-party reviews are no longer available for the site, the only testimonials that we can retrieve were the ones which are on its site, the ones from the web archives. Third-party reviews could’ve been much better as these reviews provide a transparent and unbiased view about the site. On the other hand, onsite reviews should not be taken as 100% genuine as these may be fabricated by the online pharmacy that has them to make itself appear good. Nevertheless, let’s read these user reviews from the site of

Fildena User Reviews

The reason for the review given by a customer of the site named Steve was he was pleased with the results given to him by the generic Viagra that he has purchased. He was also happy with its effects as his performance anxiety was also eliminated.

Kieran, the next customer who gave a review for, thanks the site for its prompt and efficient service. He also mentioned that the pills that he has ordered arrived well within the timeframe that it has given.

The last review for the site was from an anonymous customer who thanks the store for the arrival of his orders. As for the effects, he was also pleased. Reviews 2018 has long been closed and third-party user reviews are no longer available for its site. Other available reviews were site reviews but as for reviews coming from its users, there were none except for the ones which are on the archived pages. Coupon Codes

Fildena Bonus Pills and Free Shipping was not only generous with its prices but also with the perks that it offers to its customers. It gave its customers free pills regardless of the amount of ED pills that they bought and also offered free shipping of products although it was not clear if it is available for all orders or if it’s only for customers with who have reached a certain amount of purchase qualified for the offer.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that specialized in selling ED generics. Its prices were good as well as its products which are of great quality. But the site is no longer available as it has been seized by the US government due to the accusation that it sold counterfeit products although the speculations say that the large drugstore chains are behind it. For other online ED medication sources that the customers can trust, check our top list of recommended providers.

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