Emedsrx.com Review – A Closed, Overly Expensive Pharmacy

Emedsrx.com Review – A Closed, Overly Expensive Pharmacy

Emedsrx.Com is an online drugstore that had its location in the US. After the drugstore closure, its domain name appears to have been acquired by KwikMed.com. When I tried to access the pharmacy website, it redirects me to KwikMed.com. To make things clear, this review is for the original Emedsrx.Com.

The store had been established back in the year 2003. The pharmacy was focusing on selling brand-name medications which could be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Its catalog did not have any other medication. The store was only selling medications sourced from re-known pharmaceutical companies such as Eli Lilly and Pfizer. These meds had already been approved by the FDA.

Emedsrx.Com did not appear to care very much about helping buyers save money when sourcing their medications from the drugstore. The pharmacy prices were not very affordable. Brand Viagra, brand Cialis, and brand Levitra were all costing the buyer 33 dollars per pill although this price decreased as the buyer increased the number of pills he bought. This is not all the buyer was required to pay. When ordering meds for the first time, the buyer was required to pay a medication processing fee of 65 dollars. I did not quite understand what this fee was being used for since all the other pharmacies I have come across online do not charge such a fee.

The pharmacy did not require buyers to have a prescription. The store claimed to use HIPAA-compliant software to conduct interviews between a patient and their qualified pharmacists. The drugstore indicated that their qualified pharmacists would prescribe the ED medications to the patient after the consultation.

The pharmacy was not clear about the cost of shipping meds. However, the store did indicate the shipping methods it used. The medications were being shipped via Federal Express and USPS Express delivery. Medications were being delivered using discreet packages. Only the buyer who received the meds would know what was inside the package. After delivery, a buyer was required to sign in order to confirm the medications had arrived.

The pharmacy was not accepting returns. They started the reason for this is because they were being compliant with the FDA policies. The store was allowing their customers to pay using credit cards only. The accepted credit cards included Mastercard, American Express, and VISA. I found this to be a great payment policy because buyers would have the ability to dispute any charges made to their credit cards.

I could not locate a live chat option on the drugstore website. However, I found an email address that buyers could use and a phone number. The email address was [email protected] and their toll-free phone number was 866 460 1925. The pharmacy was not offering customer services on a 24-hour basis. On Monday through Wednesday, buyers needs were being taken care of between 6am and 8pm. On Thursdays, buyers could get help between 6am and 6:30pm. On Friday, customer queries were being answered between 7am and 6pm while on Saturday, the drugstore was answering queries between 9am and 5pm.

Emedsrx.Com Reviews

Since Emedsrx.Com was claiming to offer the very best services, I was hoping to find a large number of testimonials for the drugstore. I was shocked when I found zero testimonials for the drugstore. This means that either the pharmacy did not have any customers or it had customers who were never satisfied with the services it was offering. Either way, a pharmacy that lacks testimonials is not worth trusting. This is because you might end up getting fake pills from a scam store or getting your money stolen. The store could have had interested customers who could not meet the steep prices at which it was offering its medication. Without any actual user testimonials, the nice claims that Emedsrx.Com has on its website are just baseless.

Emedsrx.Com Reviews 2018

Emedsrx.Com appears to have disappeared from the internet before 2018. Therefore, its 2018 testimonials were never available. I searched for them just to make sure and I could not find any. What I did instead is the search for the drugstore domain address on Scam adviser. The results I got are indicated below:

Emedsrx.Com Scam Adviser Report

Scam adviser could not figure out the location of Emedsrx.Com website. This means that the store could have been hiding its physical location. The most reputable pharmacies I have found on the internet never hide their actual location. The fact that Emedsrx.Com is hiding its physical location adds to the fact that trusting the drugstore is not a good idea. The drugstore had the lowest trust rating an online pharmacy can get. It had a 0% trusting rating.

Emedsrx.Com Coupon Codes

Despite Emedsrx.Com having extremely high prices, the store did not have any coupon codes on its website. I was thinking that the pharmacy might have some offers on its website like many online pharmacies usually have. These were not available too. The only way buyers could have managed to save some of their money was through purchasing their meds in bulk. For example, when a buyer bought 90 pills of Viagra instead of 3 Viagra pills, he or she would get to reduce the Viagra price from 33 dollars to 16 dollars per pill. This was like a 50% discount.


Emedsrx.Com was an overly expensive med store. The store only focused on solving males sexual dysfunction issues. Despite the pharmacy claiming to offer the best services, it did not appear to have happy customers who could write positive reviews for it. I could not locate even a single testimonial for the drugstore. Without any testimonials to prove its legitimacy, I wouldn’t consider a drugstore to be trustworthy. Furthermore, the store had a 0% trust rating on Scam Adviser. One great thing I noticed about the store is the fact that it was accepting payments via credit cards. Buyers could dispute their charges if meds failed to arrive.

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