Edrugstore.com Review – Vipps Approved Online Pharmacy That Us Customers Can Use

Edrugstore.com Review – Vipps Approved Online Pharmacy That Us Customers Can Use

Edrugstore.com is an internet pharmacy that started operating in 1998. This year actually marks the 20th year anniversary of this e-store and based on how their website looks, it seems that they are going stronger. E Drugstore is not just an online pharmacy as they also offer web consultation with their US licensed physicians. This internet drugstore assesses customers in the US only. This is a VIPPS accredited e-dispensary.

For the medicines they offer, they have erectile dysfunction drugs, hair restoration medicines, and belly fat loss for men, sexual diseases drugs, heartburn treatment, skin health, smoking cessation, allergies, and sensual lubricants. They offer generic and branded medicines yet for prescription medicines, they require a prescription. If you do not have a prescription, you can have a web consultation with their doctors at E Drugstore.

Online Consultation with Edrugstore
Online Consultation with Edrugstore.com Doctor

If you are reordering your prescription medicine, you just have to log back into your Edrugstore.com account as returning customers won’t need to submit a prescription anymore.

For the erectile dysfunction medicines they offer, the have sildenafil citrate from Greenstone and from Teva (generic Viagra brands). They also offer branded Viagra from Pfizer. Greenstone generic Viagra 100 mg costs $15 per tablet while Teva’s generic Viagra costs $12 per tablet. A branded Viagra costs $23.75 per pill. A branded Cialis from Edrugstore.com costs $94 per pill and $41 for a tablet of branded Levitra. A generic Cialis tablet is on sale for $19.50 in case you want a weekend pill without hurting your wallet. They also offer Stendra for $43 per tablet and Staxyn for $45.50 per tablet.

For payment, you can pay your orders with your Visa or MasterCard. American Express is also accepted in this e-store. On your billing statement, the charge will appear as Edrugstore.com or Secure Medical. Aside from credit card payment, this e-dispensary also accepts money order such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

For orders, you can opt to have your medicines delivered via FedEx or USPS. The packages do not contain the name of the pharmacy and are discreetly packed. Once you process an order, you will also receive a confirmation of your order in your email along with the tracking number.

If you wish to cancel your order, you can do so without damages if the order has not left the pharmacy yet. Undelivered orders that USPS or FedEx admit being still in their truck can be returned to the pharmacy. If you want to request a refund or a reshipping, you have to contact the support team of Edrugstore.com. The number to dial is 1-800-467-5146 or you can also hit the live chat button on the main page of this e-store.

Edrugstore.com Reviews

Finding a review of this American online pharmacy was not hard at all. A few clicks on Google gave us access to these customer reviews shared by users of Edrugstore.com.

The first review we found was from Larry and he gave the e-store a 5-star rating. He shared that he is a loyal E Drugstore customer because of the friendly and professional staffs of this store. He added that the drugs are effective.

As for the second review from BT, he also gave it a 5-star rating because of the design of the website. He said he felt safe ordering from this e-dispensary and was happy that he always receive his order on time. He also loves the web consultation because it is a way for the store to ensure that he is healthy to use the medicine is purchasing.

For the last user, we found Tony who said that Edrugstore.com people are quick and efficient.

Edrugstore.com Reviews

These three users of Edrugstore.com certainly enjoy using the website and we are not surprised to hear that they are returning Edrugstore.com customers.

Edrugstore.com Reviews 2018

In addition to old reviews of E Drugstore, we also found some newer ones and it looks like they are saying the same thing about this e-store.

Edrugstore.com Reviews 2018

We found three short reviews that were shared this year from customers of E Drugstore. The reviews were shared by Marco, Don, and James. Their reviews gave this e-store a 5-star rating. Their comments are as follows:

  • Great service
  • Fast shipping
  • Ordering is easy
  • Great customer service

The only complaints the pharmacy has are mostly about the high prices of their medicines.

Edrugstore.com ComplaintsEdrugstore

Edrugstore.com Coupon Codes

Edrugstore.com is currently not offering any coupon codes that customers can use. What they are giving though are big savings like the 50% off that a customer can get if he will order generic Viagra. To avail of this promotion, just click on the ad on their homepage.

Edrugstore.com Special


Edrugstore.com is one of the few online pharmacies that were certified by VIPPS or the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites. It is a monitoring and accrediting agency that ensures that you are dealing with a safe and legit online pharmacy. With their logo alone on the homepage of E Drugstore, you knew that you are in safe hands.

E Drugstore is also one of the few online pharmacies that offer expensive medicines. The price of the drugs they offer is the same as the price of drugs at your local pharmacy. This is because they only offer safe medicines that come with the FDA logo. All medicines on this dispensary are safe and effective and are FDA approved. In case you have questions with the branded or generic medicines they offer, a licensed doctor can surely answer your questions.

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