Drugs-order.com Review – Online Pharmacy Moved To A New Website

Drugs-order.com Review – Online Pharmacy Moved To A New Website

Drugs-order.com is an online drugstore that is located in the United States. It seems the pharmacy has been moved to a new website as the link is now redirecting customers to drugsorder.net. Drugs-Order has not indicated when its operations started and the information in the ‘about us ‘section does not say much about its operation.

Drugs-order.com claims to be a reliable source of anabolic steroids like Deca Durabolin, Winstrol, Testosterone Enanthate, and Primobolan, among others. The other categories of medications stocked include Pain Reliever, ADD/ ADHD, Anti Anxiety, Anti-Depression, Weight Loss, and Sex Pills. It has not been indicated if these medications have been approved by the FDA. They only guarantee given is that the drugs have been taken through all the necessary quality checks to ensure that they are safe and effective.

I checked the Sex Pills category to know the medications in this category. Viagra is available and a pill will be sold at $2.50. The brand Cialis is also in stock and a pill will be purchased at $5.00, a price that is too high compared to the price of the same pill in other online pharmacies. The other medications in this category include Cialis Soft Tabs, Super P Force, Malegra FXT, Malegra DXT, Levitra Soft, Levitra 20mg, and Black Cobra 125mg. No prescription will be required to purchase any of the medications stocked at drugs-order.com. Customers are however advised to consult with their doctors before the purchase of medications to ensure that they are buying the right medications.

The accepted modes of payment at Drugs-Order are American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoins, Moneygram, and Western Union. There is no clear information regarding the cancellation of order after it has been placed.

Shipping of mediations from drugs-order.com will be done via United States Postal Service and customers from all over the world will be able to get their medications. The charges for the shipping will be $30 per products which is contrary to what most online do as they charge per order and not per item. For instance, if you purchase 2 types of medications from drugs-order.com, you will pay $30 for one item and $20 for the second drug type. This makes the purchase of medications from Drugs-Order very expensive. The medications will be delivered in 21 one days but this duration may be prolonged due to circumstances that are beyond the control of Drugs-Order.

If after 21 days the medications have not been delivered, drugs-order.com will re-ship the medications free of charge or issue a refund of the amount spent on the purchase of the medications. To return medications to drugs-order.com, you will be required to fill in the form provided on the website indicating the reason for the return. Some of the acceptable reasons for the return of medications are delivery of faulty products, dead products on arrival, error in the order, or the delivery of the wrong medications.

To contact Drugs-Order, you can make a call using the number +1-786 228 8040, Send a fax message or use the contact form provided on the homepage to send your question or comment to drugs-order.com. A response will be sent via email within the shortest possible time. There is no live chat option and a person looking for a quick response will have to make a call.

Drugs-order.com Reviews

The available reviews in regards to the services offered by drugs-order.com are available on their website. Customers talk of the great quality of the medications delivered and the great speed at which the medications were delivered.

Crystly Mues says that he suffered from the inability to get an erection and had been unable to have sex. He purchased Cialis from Drugs-Order and his problem was solved.  He says that one hour after taking the pill; he was able to get an erection that brought back his ability to enjoy sexual intimacy. In addition to the delivery of original medications, this client also appreciates the reliable customer service team that walked him through the process of buying the medications.

Lee Barit has also had a chance to purchase from drugs-order.com and he was glad that the shipping was quite fast. His medications were delivered five days after he placed his order.

Zen says that drugs-order.com is a great company that sells outstanding products. His medications were delivered in six days after he placed his order.

These reviews are on the website that hosts drugs-order.com and there is no way we can know if they are from real customers. They cannot, therefore, be used to tell if drugs-order.com is a reliable online pharmacy or a scam website.



Drugs-order.com Reviews

Drugs-order.com Reviews 2018

There are no current reviews concerning the services offered by drugs-order.com. The last review was posted in 2017 which was positive. This makes it very difficult to know if drugs-order.com is still providing high-quality medications.

The connection in the sensitive checkout section has not been secured and this means that third parties can easily access the private information submitted by customers.

Drugs-order.com Coupon Codes

Drugs-order.com does not have any active discounts that customers buying medications from them will benefit from. The shipping of medications from Drugs-Order is very expensive as the charges will be made depending on the number of products sold. This could be the reason why customers are avoiding buying from them for the past year and choosing to purchase from an online pharmacy that will have lower shipping rates.


Drugs-order.com is a pharmacy that has very little information about its operations. It is not clear where the medications are shipped from as the FAQ section indicates that the drugs are shipped from various places. The cost of the shipping is also very high which would be the main reason why there are only a few customers buying from them based on the number of reviews available. It is indicated that the medications stocked are sourced from reputable manufacturers and have been tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

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