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Just like what’s said on its domain name, Cheap Online Generic Drugs was an online pharmacy that dedicated itself to selling only effective and affordable medicines which were generics. Its website has a good selection of generic drugs for a large number of health conditions, classed under various categories on its website. Cheap Online Generics Drugs have chosen to sell generic meds in order to help people with the high medicine prices at the local pharmacies. Generic drugs are cheap medicines that have prices which are up to 90% less than the costs of the branded medicines. Cheap Online Generic Drugs promoted the sale and use of these drugs because not only were they cheap but they also had the same active ingredients as the costly medicine brands which make them just as effective. In buying these drugs, clients of Cheap Online Generic Drugs were able to save a lot of money for their other needs while being able to get sufficient amounts of their needed medications—something that they weren’t able to do at the local pharmacies.

The quality of the medicines that Cheap Online Generic Drugs sold were also top-notch. They sourced their products only from companies that had the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. All of their products were also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and effective for treating the health conditions that they were made for. Many people also preferred buying their meds at Cheap Online Generic Drugs because its site didn’t require prescriptions from them. The reason why Cheap Online Generic Drugs got rid of scripts as a requirement from customers who were buying prescription drugs was because its site maintained that it didn’t sell federally-controlled substances.

All of its products were legal for online sale and it is also written down on its prescription policy that by purchasing on its website, customers already confirmed that they have a valid prescription for the drug that they were ordering and that their doctors have full knowledge of that fact and the medicines that they were taking. By doing this, Cheap Online Generic Drugs declared that it no longer had the responsibility for the medical outcomes relating to the meds that were purchased from its site. Because of its lenient policy on prescriptions, it has already placed the responsibility on its customers regarding any outcomes of taking the meds that they have purchased from Cheap Online Generic Drugs.

This was still a good thing that has been done by Cheap Online Generic Drugs because they have spared their clients from doctor appointments and costly professional fees which helped them save more money. All in all, what Cheap Online Generic Drugs gave its customers is a good experience where they were able to purchase effective medicines at very low prices. In addition, they also weren’t necessitated to provide any prescriptions which made their medicine purchase a lot easier.

But it’s just sad to note that Cheap Online Generic Drugs no longer exists as an online pharmacy as its site is no longer accessible. It just disappeared on the web somewhere in the year 2017 without leaving any notice or announcement to its customers. It’s still a mystery to many people why Cheap Online Generic Drugs simply stopped its operations.

403 Forbidden Error on Cheaponlinegenericdrugs

403 Forbidden Error on

Accessing its domain name now will only give the 403 Forbidden error which means that its IP address has already been blocked. Many speculate that it might have moved to a different domain or its contract with its domain provider has simply expired but no one really knows the true reason behind its disappearance. Reviews

When it comes to user reviews, it’s puzzling that Cheap Online Generic Drugs seems to have none. It appears that no website or independent review sites have reviews available for its site which would lead us to conclude that it was unpopular. User reviews are necessary for online pharmacies so that the visitors and new customers on its website would be able to know about the experiences of the customers before them. This would then encourage them to purchase if those were positive reviews but if those were negative ones, it would repel them and cause them to look for a different site to purchase from. But since Cheap Online Generic Drugs have neither, we’re completely in the dark concerning the experiences of its customers before. There would be no way for us to know how it served its clients or how excellent their products really were since there was not a single testimony for us to read.

Due to the lack of user reviews for Cheap Online Generic Drugs, we cannot give it a decent appraisal since online pharmacies with no reviews are just as good as suspicious websites. As much as we wanted to believe that it was a legitimate pharmacy site, there would be no customer to confirm this conclusion. Reviews 2018

The last captures of the web archives for Cheap Online Generic Drugs were dated 2017 and what shows when visiting its website is just an error which means it no longer exists. This now makes it impossible for the site to receive any new reviews since it’s already gone. For those who still want to see the appearance of Cheap Online Generic Drugs when it was still in operation, they should visit the web archives and look for its domain name on its database. Coupon Codes

Cheap Online Generic Drugs Free Shipping
Cheap Online Generic Drugs Free Shipping

Aside from the affordable prices of its products, Cheap Online Generic Drugs also offered free shipping for the order of its clients. Its website mentioned that “most” orders were qualified for free deliveries but these kinds of orders were never specified.


Cheap Online Generic Drugs was an online pharmacy that appeared to be a good online medicine source but its lack of user reviews made it a suspicious pharmacy site. Its operations came to an end in the year 2017 for unknown reasons and never resurfaced again. Customers will find trustworthy online pharmacies on our top list of recommended providers.

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