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Canadian Pharmacy No Rx was once a very popular site on the web because of its products. Unlike other online pharmacies like itself, Canadian Pharmacy No Rx only focused on selling pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), a sexual health condition affecting half the population of men who are 40 years and above. Its selection of ED meds is quite huge and since what it only sold were ED pills, it acted as a one-stop shop for all erectile dysfunction treatment needs. But what made the products of Canadian Pharmacy No Rx different is that their prices are so much lower than those ED pills which were sold at the local pharmacies. For as low as $0.69 USD, men were able to buy their ED pills on its site. Compared to the local prices of ED medications which have a price range of $70 to $90 USD per pill, it’s pretty obvious where most customers have decided to buy their ED pills and that is at Canadian Pharmacy No Rx. The savings that its site offered is more than 98% of the local prices, allowing its clients to purchase sufficient amounts for their ED needs.

And just like what’s indicated on its domain name, prescriptions are not needed in buying ED pills from Canadian Pharmacy No Rx. ED meds are known to be prescription medicines and prescriptions were always required from customers who will be buying them at local pharmacies. But to spare their clients from the doctor appointments which were costly and time-consuming, they no longer required prescriptions in buying their products. Many of their customers were pleased with the ease of ordering their ED meds from its site as they no longer need to email or fax scripts just to be allowed to purchase. Shoppers on its site were able to choose the pills that they need and immediately proceed to the checkout page to pay for their orders with no restrictions or additional requirements for their convenience.

Sadly, Canadian Pharmacy No Rx is already closed and no longer functions as an online pharmacy. Accessing its domain name will no longer give the users its webpage but what will be displaying is that the site has been seized by the US Government and other international government agencies for selling counterfeit goods. Concerning this accusation, only the customers of Canadian Pharmacy No Rx can prove if there’s any truth in them. But the site managed to operate for a few good years before this accusation and its website’s seizure and this means that it had regular customers who were convinced with the results that they got with using the products of Canadian Pharmacy No Rx.

It was believed that the corporate drugstore chains and the large pharma companies were behind the site’s closure. Not only Canadian Pharmacy No Rx’s site was closed but other sites as well and this was because of the campaign that these big companies have launched. Online pharmacies have started to threaten the local drugstore chains because of the convenience that the customers have experienced in ordering from them as well as the great savings that many people got from buying their products. So in a bid to win their customers back, Pharmaceutical corporations and drugstore chains have decided to eliminate the competition by forcefully closing them down with the help of the US Government and various other international government agencies.

The closure of many online pharmacies along with Canadian Pharmacy No Rx was such a huge disappointment to many customers. But there was nothing that can be done to stop the large pharma companies and drugstore chains from shutting down the operations of online pharmacies as these corporations paid huge taxes to the government. These companies were the government’s benefactors, enabling them to get powerful help to remove online pharmacies such as Canadian Pharmacy No Rx out of the way. Reviews

Due to the lack of third-party reviews for Canadian Pharmacy No Rx, the only ones that we can check are the reviews that can be found on its very own page. Although Canadian Pharmacy No Rx no longer exists, its pages can still be accessed on the web archives for viewing purposes. When it was still active, a reviews section was available on its site where readers will see the comments of the previous customers. But these reviews are unreliable since they are from within the site, as there’s always the possibility that these might have been just faked or fabricated to make the site look convincing. Even so, let’s check these reviews out and see what the customers of have to say about its site, products, and service.

Canadian Pharmacy No Rx User Reviews
Canadian Pharmacy No Rx User Reviews

Only a brief testimonial was given by Larry for Canadian Pharmacy No Rx saying that he received the order just fine and the pills worked great.

The next one was from an anonymous customer who thanks the site for a coupon offer and the timely arrival of his ordered Viagra pills. The user was pleased with the service given to him by Canadian Pharmacy No Rx.

A client of named Mario thanks the site for the freebies that he received with his orders and was also pleased with transacting with the site. Reviews 2018

It’s already been a long time since has closed down and there are no longer any new reviews available for its site. Only site reviews are available for it on the web but as for user reviews, it’s not anymore possible to get any as its site was already seized. Coupon Codes

Canadian-pharmacy-norx Free Shipping & Discount

The customers of not only enjoyed affordable prices for their ED meds but also got free shipping for their orders. They also got an additional 7% discount each time they reordered which was considerably big especially when they made large purchases.

Conclusion was an online ED medicine source that sold its products at prices which are 98% cheaper than the prices that local pharmacies had. It’s just regrettable that the site is no longer available as it has been forcefully closed down by the large drugstore chains. But customers still have other options to choose from on our top list of recommended providers.

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