Review – May Have Been An Unpopular Store Review – May Have Been An Unpopular Store, a former online drugstore, has already closed down. Its former domain name, “” is now put up for sale by its web hosting company, Huge Domains, and for nearly $2500 per year. Now, it is unclear why the former drugstore has failed to keep its service up and running, but I think, like the usual reason why online pharmacies close down, Best Pills has failed to maintain its domain hosting fee and eventually went bankrupt.

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I admit that assuming an online pharmacy went bankrupt is harsh, but this is eventually the case with almost every closed online pharmacy I know. Most of the web drugstores today fail to keep their stores up for more than a year, possibly due to the lack of sufficient clients to keep the shop going. As for Best Pills, the store did not have anything published for it on the web (I checked the web archive and there was no saved information for the store there) except for a few blog reviews for it during the past years from independent authors.

According to the information for Best Pills, it was an online pharmacy focused on selling generic treatments for a wide range of medical uses. Buyers have purchased a lot of products on Best Pills like medicines for erectile dysfunction, heart disease, digestive disorders, allergies, and plenty others. This online pharmacy has sourced its medicines from generic manufacturers in India (like the renowned Sun Pharma, Ajanta Pharma, and others). What this meant was that the products sold by Best Pills were all approved by at least the Indian FDA and hence effective and safe to use.

As for the prices, according to the blog article I’ve read for Best Pills, the shop had good prices especially for medicines for impotence, although its prices were not the cheapest for this drug class on the web market. However, compared to local drugstore pricing for the same products, Best Pills prices were still significantly cheaper.

With regards to the prescriptions, Best Pills apparently did not ask the customers to provide their prescriptions for the medicines they need from the shop. This is not actually so surprising considering most online pharmacies are used to allowing consumers to purchase their medicines even without asking for prescriptions for their products. This is actually prohibited by local pharmacies, but since online stores are hard to check one by one, stores like Best Pills usually get away with allowing the buyers to purchase even flagrantly Rx medicines without Rx.

Concerning payments, Best Pills accepted credit card purchases through VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, and JCB. Best Pills has also accepted E-check payments from its consumers.

Given the lack of data for the store Best Pills, I was unable to determine the shipping options available as well as its return and refund policies. Reviews

Honestly, I had a hard time looking for Best Pills reviews on the web since the store did not have external comments from its former consumers. I wasn’t too surprised though since most online pharmacies I’ve encountered were without reviews and this was somewhat normal for online pharmacy companies.

Although most online pharmacies like Best Pills have on-site reviews available on their platforms (positive reviews even), these customer comments aren’t a hundred percent reliable considering their origin. I have read a few of these reviews – most of the buyers were thankful for the store’s service and for the successful deliveries, while other comments were about the customers being highly satisfied with the products they have purchased from the website.

The best reviews are actually the third-party reviews from reliable review sites, although, in the case of Best Pills, there were actually none. Reviews 2018

Given the fact that the store Best Pills closed down before the year 2018, the shop was unable to have customer reviews beyond the year. Because this was the case, I had to find other ways to evaluate the store – in this case, using a third-party domain evaluating platform called

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Best Pills Online Review

According to the data, Best Pills hasn’t been determined as an unsafe site – however, this online pharmacy was identified to have no SSL certificate, which made it somewhat dangerous to use by its former clients. Best Pills did not also have trust records available, which made it difficult to identify whether the shop was a good site or not. Coupon Codes

Concerning coupon codes, Best Pills did not have these available. I checked the web for possible buyer reviews tackling Best Pills’ discount deals, but there seems to be nothing on the web regarding this online pharmacy. Nonetheless, most online drugstores have the following deals in place:

  • Free shipping
  • Free pills
  • Freebie products
  • Seasonal coupon discounts

It may be that Best Pills had former deals for its consumers, but since it is short of information on the web, it’s hard to figure out whether this site offered good deals to its consumers or not.


Not all online pharmacies are able to stay online for long. One perfect example is the shop Best Pills, which also sold low-cost generic products to buyers looking for cheaper alternatives to their medicines. Sadly, the store did not have much online information, hence my limited view of the store’s past performance. While I can hope for the best, there’s little online data that would encourage me to believe that Best Pills was a reliable store; however, in the same way, there are no reports of scam or spam for Best Pills, which means that the store might not be a scam site, just unpopular.

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