Review – Was It A Good Store When It Was Still Online? Review – Was It A Good Store When It Was Still Online? was an online pharmacy selling generic medicines and featured famous impotence treatments from renowned generic drug manufacturers. The shop AWC Pharmacy 24 H, however, is now inaccessible, and while I strived to discover why I could not find out why the shop has gone away (perhaps for good).

There were only a very limited number of online reviews available for the web drugstore, but the available ones on a third-party site mentioned that the store AWC Pharmacy 24 H was a scam shop that should be avoided by consumers.

To be able to know more details about the shop AWC Pharmacy 24 H, I tried to browse existing records for this web pharmacy and found out that the store actually has records on the web archive site. It’s a good thing to have the web archive in this case, especially since not all online stores in the market have their data saved for future reference.

Visiting the AWC Pharmacy 24 H record on the internet archive feels like the shop was never gone (although it’s really gone). The shop looked vibrant but cliché – the store’s product line-up was similar to the ones I usually encounter online. Like I mentioned at the outset, the featured products on AWC Pharmacy 24 H were erectile dysfunction treatments usually from generic Indian manufacturers like Ajanta Pharma, CIPLA, Centurion Laboratories, and plenty of others. As for the best sellers, AWC Pharmacy 24 H has the following meds:

  • Viagra (generic): $0.36 each pill
  • Levitra (generic): $1.20 each pill
  • Cialis (generic): $0.76 each pill
  • Dapoxetine (generic): $1.76 each pill

According to the information found on the AWC Pharmacy 24 H site, customers did not have to send their prescriptions to the shop in order to purchase medicines from the platform. The buyers simply had to check out then pay for their orders via their credit cards, then the deal’s done. However, although stores like AWC Pharmacy 24 H tend to allow no prescription purchases, consumers are still warned about using medicines that are not actually prescribed for them by their doctors.

Concerning refunds, the store AWC Pharmacy 24 H did not have policies in place – the shop merely asked the customers to contact the shop in case of these events and assured the buyers that the packages from the store arrive 99% of the time. While this was great, buyers should have known better to trust a store’s false guarantee. Reviews

AWC Pharmacy 24 H had quite a few reviews on-site from its alleged “buyers”. Naturally, the reports were nothing but positive reactions about the store’s former service. Buyers mentioned that they were impressed with all aspects of the shop, from shipping to the quality of the medicines they have bought from the shop:

AWC Pharmacy 24 H Reviews
AWC Pharmacy 24 H Reviews

Buyers like Nathan, who claimed to be from the UK mentioned that the meds he ordered came only within 7 days. On the other hand, Erik thanked the store for the free pills he received from AWC Pharmacy 24 H and also was grateful to the store for its effective products.

Awc-pharmacy-24h Reviews

Although the on-site reviews for AWC Pharmacy 24 H were pretty impressive, real buyers were not at all enthusiastic about the shop. According to one thread I’ve read, the consumers were aware that AWC Pharmacy 24 H was part of an online scam facilitated by someone named “Asap”. One buyer, “sabrinadolce” came forward and said that the shop AWC Pharmacy 24 H and its sister sites were responsible for her loss of about 300 euros.

AWC Pharmacy 24 H Reviews from a Third-party Site
AWC Pharmacy 24 H Reviews from a Third-party Site

On the other hand, Sunny One was hopeful that his order from AWC Pharmacy 24 H. However, we have heard nothing from this user since his comment in 2015. Reviews 2018

The shop AWC Pharmacy 24 H did not have reviews in 2018 and the 2015 comments for the shop were the last comments for the store apparently. Since this is the case, I checked the details of AWC Pharmacy 24 H on Scamner in order to discover more details about this web pharmacy.

Although AWC Pharmacy 24 H was not yet listed as unsafe by Google and even if its records show that it has been working for more than 3 years, other information about AWC Pharmacy 24 H was not too great.

According to the analysis result for AWC Pharmacy 24 H, the shop, first of all, did not have an SSL certificate which should have secured buyer purchases on its platform. Apart from this, though, AWC Pharmacy 24 H was also recognized as an online scam and marked as a spam site, which both are two things that indicate the store’s bad service. Coupon Codes

AWC Pharmacy 24 H DealsDeals are important to buyers and that’s why they are too eager to look for coupon codes and other discounts available for the consumers. Although AWC Pharmacy 24 H did not have coupon codes in place, the shop did have other offers:

According to the banners found on AWC Pharmacy 24 H, buyers of the shop are given free pills on their every order. Also, there are special prices for erectile medicines like Viagra and Cialis when they are bought together.

AWC Pharmacy 24 H Deals
AWC Pharmacy 24 H Deals


No news for the disappearance of the AWC Pharmacy 24 H store is available on the web, but the shop has had negative comments for its service. According to several buyers, they were scammed by AWC Pharmacy 24 H. While this is still inconclusive, I think it’s better to consult other stores for the meantime, especially since AWC Pharmacy 24 H is down.

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