Review – Gone After 9 Years Of Service Review – Gone After 9 Years Of Service, alternatively called “Online Pharmacy”, was a former online drugstore that sold generic treatments for a wide range of clinical conditions. Today, the shop’s domain is unreachable – I tried accessing Reliable Pharm Rx, but my browser kept on displaying an error message instead. There are no clues on the web regarding this store’s disappearance – I tried looking for Reliable Pharm Rx reviews on the web but there were no available customer testimonials for this online pharmacy.

To be able to know more details about the shop Reliable Pharm Rx, I used the internet archive. Luckily, Reliable Pharm Rx’s information was available on the platform, so I was able to view the store’s former website before it became offline and redirected to another online pharmacy, Canadian Choice. Regarding the looks of Reliable Pharm Rx, it actually had a different image than the other online drugstores existing in the market. However, the bottom line of this store was the sale of generic treatments from Indian manufacturers, so at the end of the day, I think Reliable Pharm Rx is just the same as any other online drugstore in the market.

As I browsed the details available on the Reliable Pharm Rx store, I discovered that the shop was one affiliate marketing website that has claimed to have operated online for nearly a decade. Although it wasn’t clear when exactly Reliable Pharm Rx started selling medications, I noticed that the store had its first records on the archive platform in 2012. As for its location, according to the information on Reliable Pharm Rx, its office was actually based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

When it comes to the products available on the platform, the items found on Reliable Pharm Rx included medicines for various clinical conditions, like medicines for parasitic infections, viral infections, erectile dysfunction, cholesterol treatment, and a host of other diseases. All these medicines, as Reliable Pharm Rx stated, were approved safe and effective to use since they were all certified by the Indian FDA.

Some of the most popular medicines on Reliable Pharm Rx were the following items:

  • Generic Viagra: $0.69 per pill
  • Generic Levitra: $1.50 per pill
  • Generic Amoxil: $0.44 per pill
  • Generic Cialis Super Force: $2.22 per pill
  • Generic Clomid: $0.81 per pill

Although most online pharmacies don’t necessitate prescriptions for buyers, according to the information on Reliable Pharm Rx, it actually required its buyers to send their Rx before ordering any Rx-only product from the store. However, I have no idea if Reliable Pharm Rx has enforced this religiously or if it was lenient with its former consumers. Reviews

I did search for Reliable Pharm Rx reviews if they were available, and I was able to find a lot of on-site testimonials for Reliable Pharm Rx, plus one third-party review for the platform. Here are the on-site comments I’ve found for Reliable Pharm Rx:

Reliable Pharm Rx Reviews
Reliable Pharm Rx Reviews

As you can see in the image above, most of the buyers who have “left” their comments for Reliable Pharm Rx were all thankful that they have received their order from the store. Some of the clients, however, wrote to thank Reliable Pharm Rx for the effective medicines they have received from the web pharmacy. Others, on the one hand, praised Reliable Pharm Rx for offering the best deals for their medications.

Even if these reports were great to read, I still can’t change the fact that these reviews were only from on-site testimonials. I am not saying that all on-site reviews are lies – what I’m trying to say is that in some cases, online pharmacies aren’t absolutely truthful when it comes to the things they are posting on site. Most of the data published by web drugstores, especially reviews that do not have ratings, names of the customers, and dates, are perhaps fabricated unless proven true.

Reliable Pharm Rx Review 2014
Reliable Pharm Rx Review 2014

I was actually glad to have found on third-party review for Reliable Pharm Rx, but I wasn’t entirely pleased with the report since it was one complaint about the Reliable Pharm Rx shop. According to one user who wrote his comment in 2014, t Reliable Pharm Rx did not send his order worth $150. This buyer waited for his item for more than 3 weeks and heard nothing from the store even until the time he wrote his review for the store. Reviews 2018

There wasn’t an exact date when Reliable Pharm Rx closed down, but I’m pretty sure that it was closed before 2018. I really couldn’t find anything after the 2014 complaint about Reliable Pharm Rx, so I resolved to make use of platforms like to help me evaluate this website:

Reliable Pharm Rx Scamner Result
Reliable Pharm Rx Scamner Result

Scamner’s report for Reliable Pharm Rx was not too good – according to the platform Reliable Pharm Rx did not have an SSL certificate and overall only had a 0 trust score. Scamner discouraged the customers to make use of the site due to the risk it poses for its consumers. Coupon Codes

No buyer coupon codes were accessible on Reliable Pharm Rx, but the shop had the following deals in place:

Reliable Pharm Rx Special Offers
Reliable Pharm Rx Special Offers

Reliable Pharm Rx allegedly gave free pills to its consumers and has also waived the shipping fee for some customers. However, these free pills and free shipping offers were only conditional and were applied once the buyers have satisfied specific provisions.


Reliable Pharm Rx was an online pharmacy that has operated online for some time. This online pharmacy had no other third-party record other than the complaint filed by one user in 2014. Nevertheless, one review can’t define Reliable Pharm Rx in its entirety, so I can’t say if Reliable Pharm Rx was really a scam store or if the comment was just an isolated case.

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