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Real Pharmacy Rx was an online pharmacy that advertised itself as the place to shop for quality meds from and as a site where people would access quality healthcare for their health needs. Its site was home only to a selected number of medicines as it only provided a limited number of drug categories. These medicine categories were only limited to smoking cessation meds, cancer treatment pills, birth control tablets, antibiotics, antidepressants, treatment meds for fungal infections, women’s health drugs, abortion pills and meds for erectile dysfunction (ED). Other than these medicine categories, Real Pharmacy Rx had nothing else to offer. But as small as its selection of meds may be, the drugs on its site were carefully selected to meet the demands of most customers in the market. In other words, the drugs on its website were among the most popular medications today and many people visited its site specifically for its choice drug selection.

But of all the medicines on its website, what Real Pharmacy Rx promoted was its medicines for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment, Viagra specifically. The reason why Real Pharmacy Rx promoted its Viagra pills was because it was only priced at $0.87 USD, a very low price that offered great savings to its clients. At local drugstores, Viagra was priced at an average of $75 USD per pill and this was a very expensive price that not many men with ED were able to afford. Between the Viagra that was sold by Real Pharmacy Rx and the one that was at the local drugstores, there was really no difference between them except for the fact that the ones sold by Real Pharmacy Rx were generics. Since generic meds had the same ingredients and components as their branded counterparts just like the Viagra pills that are sold, these drugs were similarly effective and it was a win-win situation for its clients. The customers who bought from Real Pharmacy Rx were able to save, buy sufficient quantities of the drug that they needed, and experience similar effects as the branded ones.

On top of these benefits, Real Pharmacy Rx also sold its prescription products without asking scripts from its customers. People were able to purchase their meds freely from its website without providing anything but their payment details and their shipping information. It was a huge convenience to its clients since they were no longer forced to have appointments with their doctors and pay costly professional fees. They just went straightly to the checkout page of Real Pharmacy Rx after selecting their medications and proceeded with the payment of their orders. But although it was lenient on its clients concerning prescriptions, Real Pharmacy Rx still recommended them to consult their doctors before using the medicines that they have bought. The advice of a healthcare professional was still necessary in using prescription drugs and it was for the safety of the patients.

Unlike other online drugstores that allowed guest/anonymous purchases, Real Pharmacy Rx necessitated its customers to first register for an account on its website before they purchased their meds. This was in order for its clients to track their history of purchases on its website, making reorders easier. But for some unknown reasons, Real Pharmacy Rx just closed its operations down back in 2016. Although it didn’t disclose anything on its website, it was believed that its domain has expired and due to financial reasons, it was no longer able to renew its contract with its domain provider. Reviews

Since Real Pharmacy Rx had no third-party reviews on the web, we have no other choice but to use the customer testimonials from its own website. It’s kind of bothering that it had no user reviews from independent pharmacy review sites since it would mean that its site was not really that popular. Third-party reviews are the preferred reviews to be used for review analysis because these customer feedbacks are unedited and posted as they are. On the other hand, onsite reviews are believed to have already been edited to favor the interests of the pharmacy where they were placed, making them less reliable than the third-party ones. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at these testimonials from its customers.

Real Pharmacy Rx Reviews
Real Pharmacy Rx Reviews

The review that Gregor gave for Real Pharmacy Rx was about the Viagra Professional pills that he managed to purchase from its website. In his testimonial, it appeared that the medicine that he used was effective and he was now able to overcome his erection problems with its use.

Next up was a user with an online name of “James cat” who was thankful that he found Real Pharmacy Rx because he was able to purchase Viagra pills at unbelievably low prices. The pills were so cheap that he bought several strips that lasted for a month’s use. He was also pleased with the benefits and effects that he got, thoroughly enjoying its benefits.

As for Peter, his problem was depression and through the recommendation of his friends, he purchased generic Paxil from Real Pharmacy Rx to get rid of his mood swings. After using the meds that he has bought, he felt better than before as he no longer felt tension and sadness pangs. Reviews 2018

It’s already been a few years since Real Pharmacy Rx has closed down and it’s already impossible for it to receive any new reviews for its site that’s now literally inaccessible. The only way to see how its site looked like before is to visit the web archives and locate it by its domain name. Coupon Codes

Although it didnt have any visible promotions or discount offers on its website, Real Pharmacy Rx gave its customers discounts on bulk purchases

Although it didn’t have any visible promotions or discount offers on its website, Real Pharmacy Rx gave its customers discounts on bulk purchases. The prices of its meds were cheaper in larger quantities compared to when it’s purchased in small numbers.


Real Pharmacy Rx only had a limited number of drug categories on its website but the meds that it sold were popular and frequently used by most people. Its products were largely generics and the prices of its meds were cheaper than local pharmacies by a great deal, something that made it a good place to buy meds from. Unfortunately, its site no longer exists and is no longer in operation, disappearing somewhere in 2016. For people who are looking for trustworthy online drugstores, they can be found on our list of top recommended providers.

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