Review – Buy Cheap And Effective Medications Review – Buy Cheap And Effective Medications is an online pharmacy that is located in India which deals with the sale and distribution of generic and over-the-counter medications to people from all over the world. Premium RX Drugs has been in operation since 2002 and stocks a wide range of medications that are sourced from reputable drug manufacturers like Pfizer, Cipla, Sun Pharma, Torrent Pharma, GSK, and Ajanta Pharma, among others. There is no indication that the medications sold at have been approved by the FDA.

The medications sold at Premium RX Drugs are classified into various categories according to the disease for which they will be used to treat to make it easier for clients to find their medications. Some of these categories are Acne, Men’s Health, Antifungal, Cancer, Herbal, Pain Relief, Hair Loss, HIV & Herpes, and Weight Loss, among others. I went through the men’s health category where erectile dysfunction medications are categorized and tried searching for the brand Viagra and the brand Cialis but they are not in stock. It seems only sells generic forms of Viagra such as Kamagra Chew Tablets where 4 tablets will be sold at $8.16. Generic Cialis like Tadacip 20mg is also in stock and 4 tablets will be sold at $14.40.

The best selling medications at Premium RX Drugs are displayed on their homepage and include Melalite Forte, Kamagra Gold, Suhagra 100mg, and Careprost with Brush 3ml. Some of the medications sold will require a doctor’s prescription before the order is processed while others will be sold without. The prescription will be faxed or scanned to Premium RX Drugs before the processing of the order.

To pay for the medications purchased at, you can use Visa Card, eCheck, Money Orders, and Wire Transfer. The money will only be deducted after the order has been approved especially for the medications that will require a prescription.

The shipping of medications from will be done through the standard mail and will take a maximum of 30 days. A flat rate of $15 will be charged for all orders that are below $80. If the order is above $80, the shipping will be free. If on receipt of the order you discover that your order was partially delivered, you are required to notify Premium RX Drugs as soon as the order is delivered. The value of the medications that were not delivered will be deducted and a refund issued for the missing items. will accept the return of any damaged products and issue a refund or a replacement of the medications within 45 days. A formal notification should be sent to Premium RX Drugs before 45 days and if this is not done, no action will be taken.

To contact Premium RX Drugs, you can make a call or send an email using the email address provided on the website. There is also the option of a live chat which you can also use to reach out to a customer service representative. I tried sending a message and a response was sent almost immediately.

Premiumrxdrugs Chat Reviews

The independent reviews that have been sent in by customers regarding the services offered by are positive.

Premiumrxdrugs Customer Review

Cynthia is one of the happy customers who say that the process of placing an order was very easy and the delivery of the order was also fast. This shocked her as she was so used to placing orders online and having the delivery take too long making him waste a lot of time following up on the order.

Premiumrxdrugs Review
Premiumrxdrugs Review

Dennis says that the reason why he would not give Premium RX Drugs a 5* rating is the constant stock out of the medications he normally uses. He adds that for the items that are in stock, a five-star is well deserved.

Premiumrxdrugs Customer Report

Mary was nervous when she placed her first order but this is no longer the case. The transaction was very smooth and the prices of the medications are also unbeatable. She says that her next order will be sent in the near future. Reviews 2018

The most recent reviews regarding the services of are also positive.

Kimberly says that the quality of the medications is very good and is happy that he can order from the comfort of his home. He is also notified of the shipping progress through the tracking number and in the end, the medications are delivered to his doorstep. He also talks well of the customer service team who he says are very responsive when any query is raised in the course of buying his medications and as a result, he will continue buying his medications from them.

Premiumrxdrugs Testimonial
Premiumrxdrugs Testimonial 2018

Julie says that the services offered at Premium RX Drugs are great. The delivery of her medications only took two weeks which was very convenient for her. She also adds that she saved a lot compared to the amount she would have paid in a local pharmacy.

Premiumrxdrugs Pharmacy Reviews
Premiumrxdrugs Pharmacy Reviews

David is happy regarding the great products that are sold at an affordable price at and the services that are offered in the course of the transactions. His only concern is the discounts that are offered to customers who pay via eCheck. According to him, the discount should be offered to all regardless of the payment method used.

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Premiumrxdrugs Free Shipping Offer

There are multiple discounts that customers can use to save more on their medications. A discount of up to 80% will be offered on selected products in an effort to clear old stock and get new products.

Premiumrxdrugs Discounts

For all orders that will be above $80, the shipping fee will not be charged.
There is also a double pill offer on Kamagra gold where customers will get an equivalent of the pills purchased.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy with a good reputation from most of the customers who have had a chance to buy from them. The delivery is done on time and the customer service team ensures that customers get all the help they require in the course of their purchase.

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