Review: Where Unwarranted Calls To Their Customers Are Possible Review: Where Unwarranted Calls To Their Customers Are Possible is an online pharmacy intermediary that was set up in 2002 that claims to be located in the United States. Online Canadian Pharmacy also claims to have received the US accreditation and certification from CIPA and IPABC. Despite these claims, the customers are advised to main their prescription to their offices in Surrey British Columbia which makes me doubt if they are indeed located in the US.

The medications that are sold by have been approved by the FDA which means they will be safe and effective for the complication for which they will be prescribed. Online Canadian Pharmacy will collect the orders from their customers who are residents of the United States and then forward them to certified Canadian Pharmacies for the supply of safe and effective medications. They also work with other fulfillment centers that are located in other places like Mauritius, New Zealand, Singapore, Turkey, The UK, India, and the United States.

The drugs are classified into various categories according to the sickness for which they will be prescribed which will make it easier to find the right medication. Some of the major classifications include Men’s Health where erectile dysfunction medications are classified. I tried searching for Viagra in this category but no results were forthcoming. Instead, I was redirected to the drug classifications over and over again. I made another attempt to search for another ED drug by the name Cialis and couldn’t find it either.

The major classifications of medications at are cancer, Bone Health, Smoking Cessation, Women’s Health/Men’s Health, Homeopathic Medications, Flea Control, Anti-Psychotic, Anti-malaria, Anti-amebiasis, Allergy, Addiction, Mental Health, Vitamins and minerals, and Blood disorders medications, among others.

Online Canadian Pharmacy only ships to the United States and the charges for the shipping are $9.95 through the Express Mail. Once the order has been received and the prescription sent, the processing of the order will take 5 working days and the shipping of the medications will take 4 weeks. For over-the-counter medications, the processing will take 2 days and the shipping four weeks. People who reside in the same household can register using one number and have all their medications shipped as one package to save on the shipping costs.

Payment of the medications can be done by use of a credit card. says that once the drugs have been dispensed, the deal has been finalized and the medications cannot be returned to them. Online Canadian Pharmacy advice all customers to consult their doctors before placing orders. This will ensure that they are buying the right medications.

To contact, you can use the phone numbers that have been provided on their website, or the toll-free fax number. You can also send an email using the email address and a response will be sent within the shortest possible time. A contact form has also been provided and customers can write down their questions or comment and forward them to Reviews has received numerous reviews from customers.

All the reviews that have been recorded on the BBC website are negative where the customers are complaining of receiving multiple calls every day from Online Canadian Pharmacy. Their attempt to ask them to stop making these calls has fallen on deaf ears where they will hang up and make another call later in the day.

When responding to these complaints, Online Canadian Pharmacy says that they are not the ones who make these calls. They even claim that they do not have any personal information regarding the customers who have submitted the complaints. This leaves us with unanswered questions as it will be impossible to know who is not telling the truth in this matter.

It is hard to know if five customers would complain regarding without any justified reason and the complaints are the same.



Onlinecanadianpharmacy Reviews Reviews 2018

The recent reviews about can only be found on their website and there is no way we can prove the authenticity of these reviews.

Sally from West Columbia says that she was referred to by a friend and she is glad regarding the services that have been offered t her.

Gail from Minnesota says that the services offered by Online Canadian Pharmacy are excellent for the past one year she has been buying medications from them

Gail from Minnesota says that the services offered by Online Canadian Pharmacy are excellent for the past one year she has been buying medications from them. She promises to speak well regarding to all her friends.

Onlinecanadianpharmacy Reviews

Sonia from California sends her appreciation for the excellent services and the public relations as well. She recommends Online Canadian Pharmacy to anyone who is looking for an online source of medications. Keep in mind, these reviews look made up. Coupon Codes

There are no active offers at However, the prices of medications are very low to ensure that their customers save more from their prescription drugs.

Onlinecanadianpharmacy Discount

The reason for the lack of active orders could be that the drugs are sourced from various online pharmacies which have different offers at varying intervals.

Customers who use the services of Online Canadian Pharmacy will be saved from the expenditure they would have incurred to and from a local pharmacy as well as the time that they would have spent looking for their medications.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that has a reputation for making unwarranted calls to their customers. Even when a customer informs Online Canadian Pharmacy to stop calling them, they will hang up and make more calls later on in the day. In their defense, says that they are not the one who make the calls and do not have the details of the complaining customers in their database. There is no complaint regarding the quality of the medications received and this means they are very effective. Customers have also not complained of any delays in the delivery of orders. If only Online Canadian Pharmacy could limit the number of calls they make to their customers, they would restore the trust and the confidence of their customers.

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