Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits Of Honey

Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits Of Honey

The health benefits of honey starts as natural sweetener made with an extraordinary process by honeybees, this process takes around 50,000 bees taking nectar from 2 million flowers and to make 1 or 2 pounds of honey. There are many kinds of honey which depends of the flowers where the nectar was took from, there are lighted and darker colored honeys some are milder in flavor and others have a robust flavor.

Health benefits of Honey and nutrition fact Honey is a sweetener so is highly caloric approx 3.5 k cal/g but one of the benefits of the consumption of honey instead of normal sugar is because it is natural and contains other several nutrients: Water around 12-22 %, Calcium, potassium, and iron which provide honey components for health benefits.

There are a few natural treatments for example is an excellent caught medicine, because it relieves irritation by forming a protective film. Is used for skin infection and wounds treatment, has antimicrobial and antiseptic components specially hydrogen peroxide.

Honey also boost your energy and immune system, is a great humectant, so it is well used in aesthetic products such as body lotion and hair products.

There are a few gastronomic uses: Because of honey benefits and organoleptic characteristic it is used in its raw form for breakfast and snacks for toasts, fruit or yogurt.

Honey is well know for its health benefits however it must be consumed in moderation because it is high in fructose and calories which can elevate glucose levels and complicate diabetes, insulin resistance or gain extra benefits of honey acting as antimicrobial agent which help fight different king of ailments

Other Hacks and health benefits of honey

Alternative Agent : Honey can be used alternative sweetener in Food and beverages

Nutrition : Honey contains vitamins, minerals amino acids, enzymes, fructose, glucose, and water

Therapeutic Uses: Honey mixed with lemon, cinnamon, juiced etc.. help curing cough, stiff chest, improve eyesight and much more which we discuss every use in detail in upcoming articles

The health benefits of honey is never ending, we can use it in many ways to help us stay healthy and better


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