Review – Online Drugstore With No Customers’ Feedback Review – Online Drugstore With No Customers’ Feedback is an online drugstore that has been in operation since 2015 dealing with the sale of generic medications sourced from India. It is not clear where Northern Pharmacy is located as the ‘about us’ section is missing. The medications stocked at have been tested and approved by the Indian FDA and it is claimed that they will work in the same way as the brand drugs.

Looking at the homepage, you will notice that the drugs have been subdivided into several categories in accordance with the health complication they will be used to treat. This will ensure that customers who are not sure of the right drug for their health issue will not have a hard time in determining the right drug for you. Some of these categories are Erectile Dysfunction, Women’s Health, Pain Relief, Men’s Health, Gastrointestinal, Pain Relief, Erection Packs, Skin Care, General Health, Antifungal, Blood Pressure, Healthy Bones, Antibiotics, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Herpes, and Women’s Health, among others.

You will also find the bestsellers when you log into the website hosting and also find out how much they will cost. Some of these are Viagra which whose value is $0.89 per pill, Cialis which will be sold at $1.53, Cialis Soft Tabs, Viagra Soft Tabs, Levitra, Levitra Super Active Plus, Viagra Super Active Plus, ED Discount Pack 3, ED Discount Pack 2, ED Discount Pack 1, and Viagra Soft Flavored, among others. You will not be required to provide a prescription from a doctor before placing an order at Northern Pharmacy.

Unlike other online pharmacies where the amount to be used in paying for the drugs is charged as soon as the order is submitted, Northern Pharmacy will only deduct the money after the shipping has begun. The amount will be kept on hold until the shipping stage which will give time to cancel the order if you do not wish to proceed with the order. The methods that one can use to pay include Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, and JCB.

The shipping of the drugs will be done worldwide via the Registered Airmail shipping method which will take a maximum of 12 days to have the drugs delivered or via the EMS shipping method which will take a maximum of 3 days to have the drugs delivered. The charges for the EMS shipping method are $29.95 and the delivery via Registered Airmail will be charged $14.95. If the order will be above $150, the delivery will be free via the registered Airmail shipping method. The duration that will be taken in the shipping is quite short compared to other online pharmacies which will take a maximum of 21 days for the airmail delivery method and 9 days for the EMS shipping method.

If the medications are lost or damaged during the shipping Northern Pharmacy will re-ship the ordered medications for free or gives a refund for the amount spent on the purchase. However, if the medications are lost as a result of giving the wrong address, there will be no compensation and you will have to make a fresh order if you still wish to get the medications.

To contact, you can make a call using the number +1 (855) 762-4823 for the residents of the United States or +4420 3129 5698 for the residents of the United Kingdom. You can also send a written message using the contact form provided on the website. A response to this message will be sent to your email address which you will be required to provide before the purchase. Review

There are no reviews in regards to the services offered by Northern Pharmacy either on their website or from an independent review site. It could be that there are no customers who have been purchasing drugs from despite the low prices at which the medications are being sold.

I searched for complaints too but could not find any which makes me come to the conclusion that Northern Pharmacy has no customers whatsoever. Review 2018

There are no current feedbacks from customers on any independent review platform or even on their website. This means that is an unpopular online pharmacy despite having in operation for the past 3 years.

A customer wishing to buy medications from this online pharmacy will turn away in fear due to the lack of reviews from the customers who have been buying medications from them. Northern Pharmacy should work towards creating more awareness so that more people will gain confidence in them and in return, more sales will be made. Coupon Codes

Customers who purchase medications from Northern Pharmacy will benefit from several discounts especially those who buy erectile dysfunction medications.

Free pills will be given for all customers who purchase more than 30 erectile dysfunction pills; they will be given free pills which will be a great way to save.

The delivery for all orders that will be over $150 will be free via the registered mail shipping method. This will save you $14.95 which is charged for the shipping.

Looking at the prices of the pills in the table below, customers who will purchase more pills will pay a smaller price for their medications. A customer who will purchase 10 pills will pay $3.28 per pill whereas the person who will purchase 270 pills will pay an average of $1.17 per pill.

Nothern-pharmacy Discounts

Conclusion is an online drugstore that is unpopular despite having been in operation for the past 3 years. There are no reviews either on their website or from an independent review site which makes it impossible to know if Northern Pharmacy is a legitimate online pharmacy or a scam. The prices are affordable and there are also multiple ways that customers will be able to save when buying drugs from this online pharmacy. The only downside is that there is no guarantee that the quality of the medications is good or if the delivery of the medications will be done within the agreed time.

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