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Meds-Pharmacy.Com is an online drugstore whose physical location is not disclosed. Since the default currency for the website is the Euro, there is a very high likelihood that the pharmacy has its location in Europe. The drugstore copyright section indicates the year 2010. This is the year that Meds Pharmacy was probably established.

The drugstore has a simplistic appearance with most of the products it offers outlined on the top bar. Some of the meds you will get in this pharmacy include Hepatitis C meds, weight loss medications, erectile dysfunction meds, premature ejaculation drugs, herbal meds, and more. The pharmacy does not only focus on selling FDA approved drugs. I managed to locate controlled substances on the site. The best selling medication on the pharmacy site is Tramadol. This is a substance that is considered to be a controlled substance in most countries.

The prices being offered by Meds Pharmacy were average. The pharmacy did not offer prices which are too high or prices which could be considered to be the lowest that a buyer can find online. To illustrate this, I will include the price of one of the erectile dysfunction meds. A pill of generic Viagra will cost you 1.4 dollars. I have come across online drug stores which offer a pill of generic Viagra for a less than a dollar.

Meds-Pharmacy.Com offers three major methods of payment. These are payment Via credit card, bank transfer, and Western Union. The major accepted credit card is VISA. The drugstore indicates that you will be charged for your order after it has already been processed.

The delivery will be done via two main methods. These are Airmail and courier or EMS. For your meds to be shipped via the Registered Airmail, you will be required to pay 39 dollars. The pharmacy indicates that if your order contains more than 100 pills, you will have to pay a double shipping fee. Therefore you will end up paying 78 dollars. The meds are delivered within a period of 8 to 12 days when they are being shipped via Registered Airmail. When you choose to ship via the courier, you will have to pay 70 dollars. The drugstore does not ship their medications to the United States. I found the shipping costs to be extremely high. There are pharmacies which ask for much lower shipping costs and they will not demand a double shipping fee simply because you have purchased more than 100 pills.

Meds Pharmacy indicates that orders can be canceled within a period of 24 hours. To cancel any order, you need to contact the customer support department via their contact page. The pharmacy does not have a phone number or a live chat option. If your order is shipped but it fails to show up, the pharmacy will refund you or re-ship the product. You have to wait for 30 days for you to be eligible for the refund or reshipping. The pharmacy was not clear on whether they accept returns or not.

Meds-Pharmacy.Com Reviews

After searching the web for a while, I came to the conclusion that despite Meds Pharmacy being online for close to a decade, it does not have even a single testimonial both on its official website and on a third-party review collecting site. Any pharmacy that has been online as long as Meds Pharmacy and has been offering high-quality services will have numerous testimonials.

The Meds-Pharmacy.Com lack of testimonials indicates one of two things. Either the drugstore has no customers or it has customers but it offers services which are too bad such that the customers don’t feel like leaving a review for the pharmacy. Shopping from a drugstore that does not have any customer testimonials is not recommended. This is the quickest way to get conned by scam sites without knowing. I would recommend you use a pharmacy that has customer testimonials which tell you about the kinds of services you are likely to receive from the pharmacy.

Meds-Pharmacy.Com Reviews 2018

Meds-Pharmacy.Com lacked any reviews written in 2018. The closest thing to the most recent reviews I could indicate here is the results I got after searching the drugstore domain address on Scam Adviser. The results I got were just what I would have expected for a pharmacy that has exactly 0 testimonials. The pharmacy has a 0% safety rating. This means that it has a very high risk. The website is associated with two risky countries.

Meds-Pharmacy.Com Coupon Codes

I could not locate any coupon codes online for Meds Pharmacy which was unsurprising for me. The pharmacy is quite unpopular which means that the likelihood of it investing in coupon codes is very low. However, the drugstore had some offers on its official website. I have captured them below:

Meds-Pharmacy.Com Offer

The drugstore indicated that it was running an offer that would allow buyers to save 30%. The offer would expire on 31st July 2018. The pharmacy also indicates that it offers free pills. As long as your order is worth more than 175 dollars, you will get a free blister.


After looking at the information available for Meds-Pharmacy.Com online, I have determined that this is a pharmacy that I wouldn’t order from. The pharmacy lacks testimonials, scam adviser has a 0% safety rating for the site, and the site is overcharging customer for their shipping. Also, if you are not in the EU, getting your meds from Meds-Pharmacy.Com is not possible. Instead of getting your meds from an unproven drugstore, I would recommend looking for a drugstore that has nice and proven customer testimonials.

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