Review – One Of The Newest Online Pharmacies On The Market Today Review – One Of The Newest Online Pharmacies On The Market Today is a new internet pharmacy that offers generic and branded medicines. Based on their reviews, they started around 2016 yet their license says that they were just approved this year. The location of this e-store is not available on their website.

There are seven medical categories of medicines being offered by Health Kart Rx. They offer men’s health, women’s health, skin/eye/ear care, smart drugs, herbal products, smart drugs trial pack, and erectile dysfunction trial packs. Smart drugs are drugs that are known to help enhance memory and concentration. It is often prescribed to people with ADHD.

For erectile dysfunction or men’s health medicines, Health Kart Rx offer at least 12 brands. They offer generic erectile dysfunction medicines. Among their offers are:

  • Kamagra for $0.94 per pill with 4 free pills when ordered
  • Kamagra Oral Jelly for $1.45 per pack with 2 free packs when ordered
  • Super P Force for $1.30 per pill with 10 free pills when ordered
  • Caverta for $1.49 per pill with 4 fee pills when ordered
  • Forzest for $2.08 per tablet with 4 free pills when ordered
  • Generic Viagra Soft Tab for $1.50 per pill with 10 free pills when ordered
  • Generic Levitra for $1.26 per tablet with 10 free pills when ordered
  • Suhagra for $0.84 per tablet with 10 free pills when ordered
  • Avanafil for $4.99 per tablet with 10 free pills when ordered
  • Sildenafil citrate for $1.02 per pill with 10 free pills when ordered
  • Generic Viagra for $1.02 per tab with 10 free pills when orders

To avail of the free pills, a qualifying number of tablet or pill must be ordered. To learn more about this promotion, you can click on the brand you of ED drug you are planning to order.

When ordering from Health Kart Rx, you can pay with a credit card. All major credit cards are accepted. They also accept cash on delivery. All orders are processed within 24 hours and you can only cancel an order within the first 24 hours. For shipping, you can opt to have your order delivered via EMS and wait for up to 10 days. If you are not in a hurry, you can have it delivered via Registered Mail and wait for up to 18 days. Shipping cost can be found at the checkout page as it depends on the destination of the order. Health Kart Rx does not deliver to a PO Box address. All orders above $250 are eligible for free Express Shipping.

There are two offers from Health Kart Rx in case you are not happy with the item you received. You can either request for a reshipping or avail of 100% cash back. For missing, lost or damaged order, contact thru their contact us page r send them an email at [email protected].

At the bottom page of website is a disclaimer that advises all consumers to talk to a doctor first before taking any medication. They also added that this e-store is not liable for any manufacturing defects such as ineffectiveness of a drug as they did not manufacture it and they are just selling it. Reviews

For a new online pharmacy, we are surprised to find some good reviews for Health Kart Rx from a third party review site. The first one was a 5-star review from Stella.

Stella shared that in 2016, she ordered a Bimatoprost from this e-store and she received a real product

Stella shared that in 2016, she ordered a Bimatoprost from this e-store and she received a real product. It was effective hence she now recommends this e-store to her friends.

Healthkartrx Reviews

A four-star review was awarded yo Healthkartrx from Molly. As for Molly, she said she was happy with her experience with this online pharmacy but was not happy with the limited reviews for Health Kart Rx. She also loves the COD or cash on delivery payment scheme which allowed her to keep her money until she gets her order.

We also found a one-star review from Bridgman-smith who had issue with this e-store but was unable to contact them thru phone and email. He said paid but did not receive anything. His recommendation was not to use this store.

With these mix reviews, we cannot assume that Health Kart Rx is indeed a reliable online pharmacy. However, their cash on the delivery scheme was so dependable and safe. Imagine having your medicines delivered at your doorsteps instead of driving to the drugstore nearest you. The only downside is the wait time until your order gets delivered. Reviews 2018

Healthkartrx Reviews 2018

For newer reviews, we are surprised to find one for Health Kart. It was not actually a review but a comment left in a website that reviewed this e-store.

The comment was shared by Infantvasquezmk who said that she received his order and it looked exactly in the picture. Looks like this customer was just happy that he received his order. Coupon Codes

We found three coupon codes that Healthkartrx just currently released.

Healthkartrx Coupon Codes

They released a 10% off coupon code that first-time customers can use, a 20% off coupon code on all orders above $100 and a 5% off coupon code for all returning customers. To use these codes, click on ‘get code’, copy the code and apply it on the voucher box during checkout. Once validated, the discount will totally be applied to your total bill.

Conclusion is an internet pharmacy that we can rely on based on their customer reviews from third-party websites. They are the only online pharmacy that we found that offers cash on delivery as well.

Upon checking the products they offer, we can say that their offers are good as well. It is not too cheap yet not too expensive. Lastly, the medicines they offer are FDA approved and passed the WHO guidelines hence we believe that these are safe to use.

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