Review – A Seized, Cheap, And Moderately Safe Generic Medication Store Review – A Seized, Cheap, And Moderately Safe Generic Medication Store was an online drugstore that existed up to around the year 2017. The drugstore did not indicate the year when it was actually founded. When I tried accessing the drugstore website, I found that the store had also been captured by security agencies. Although the website page indicated that it had been captured for selling counterfeit medications, I decided to do my own research to determine whether this is true. I managed to determine that the reality behind the website capture is that the big pharma is trying to eliminate the cheap online stores which have been taking their customers.

The local pharmacies are usually over 90% more expensive than the online pharmacies. When people finally learn that it is actually possible to purchase their meds online and pay less than 10% of the money they are currently paying in the local drugstore, they never go back to buying the meds in the local drug stores. The only way to force people to purchase the uber-expensive meds in the local pharmacies is through closing the cheaper alternatives. The big pharma has been doing this using fake reasons to get the security agencies to capture the online drugstores’ domain addresses.

Unlike what suggests, this drugstore focused on selling more than just Viagra. The drugstore catalog was made up of medications which could have been used in the treatment of almost every health complications most people experience. The catalog had meds for HIV, Hypertension, migraine, muscle relaxants, obesity, osteoporosis, respiratory tract, stop smoking meds, and others. The store was not expensive. I checked the price at which the ED medications available on the store were being sold. A pill of generic Viagra was worth $0.69, a pill of generic Cialis was worth $1.30 while generic Levitra was being sold at a price of only $1.50. This is over 90% cheaper than the price at which the brand versions of these meds were being sold in the local pharmacies.

Contacting did not appear to be complicated. The pharmacy had a live chat and three phone numbers which buyers could use. Buyers located in the united states could have used either the toll-free number (+1 800 532 4808) or the regular US number (+1 718 475 9088). Buyers in the United Kingdom could have called the drugstore using (+44 203 011 0241). The drugstore was offering services on a 24/7 basis. Buyers were only allowed to pay for their meds using credit cards only. I found this to be a great idea since buyers could dispute their charges any time Generic Viagra Supply failed to keep their end of the bargain and deliver medications.

Buyers could receive their meds either via Express International Mail or Standard International Mail. The first shipping method was worth 30 dollars and took approximately 5 to 9 days before medications got delivered. The second method was worth 10 dollars and took about 10 to 21 days before delivering the buyer’s pills. Generic Viagra supply was offering to give a full refund or free reshipment for all medications which got damaged on the way. I could not get information on whether the pharmacy was accepting medication returns. Reviews

To me, Generic Viagra Supply appeared to be a great online drugstore until I realized the pharmacy did not have any external testimonials. I only believe the reviews I find on an external reviews site. This is because I have come across numerous online pharmacies which have fake enticing testimonials. The reviews I have captured below were all available on Generic Viagra Supply official website. I would advise our readers to take all of them with a grain of salt since they could have been crafted by the pharmacy management to try and get more clients:

Genericviagrasupply User Testimonials

David had given Generic Viagra Supply a 5-star rating. He reported that he had received his order. He was going to order again. His wife was surprised with the results he got after taking the medications he received. He felt like he was 11 years old again. Mark has also rated 5 stars. He had received his order on time and the pills worked great. They managed to make his sex life much better. Reviews 2018

As I had mentioned earlier on, Generic Viagra Supply appears to have been closed back in the year 2017. This means that the drugstore 2018 reviews are non-existent. I have captured more reviews available on the drugstore catalog below:

Genericviagrasupply User Reviews

Steve reported that the generic Viagra had arrived as expected. The medications made his sex life much better. The price was affordable such that he managed to purchase meds to use on a long a term basis. The medication eliminated performance anxiety. Kieran meds arrived on time. He was happy with the efficient and prompt service. Coupon Codes did not invest in coupons and promo codes. However, the store had quite a number of offers on its website. I have captured some of these below:

Genericviagrasupply Offers

Buyers who purchased their meds at for the second time got a 5% discount. When buyers purchased meds for the third and above time, they got a 7% discount. The drugstore was offering free Viagra pills if the buyer purchased erectile dysfunction drugs. The store was offering free shipping when the buyer purchased meds worth more than 150 dollars.


Generic Viagra Supply did not have proven testimonials. This made the drugstore look untrustworthy. However, has a wide medication catalog which included almost every medication for every health complication. The store had low prices although these were not the lowest prices a buyer could have gotten online. The pharmacy had nice offers which made the price a buyer paid for his or her meds even better. The store has been captured as the big pharma tries to close as many cheap generic stores as possible to safeguard its expensive meds.

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