Review – An Affordable Generic Med Store That Lacked Proof That It Was Genuine Review – An Affordable Generic Med Store That Lacked Proof That It Was Genuine

Generic Drug Saving was not really a drugstore operating online. This was a website that was being used for affiliate marketing purposes. The site did not share information when it started offering its services online. However, based on the drugstore site history available on the web archives, the pharmacy appears to have been online for more than one decade. The pharmacy did not indicate where it was actually located.

The store was offering a wide array of medications. These meds had already received FDA approval. The medications had their origin in Indian Pharmaceutical companies. Some of the meds I found on the drugstore catalog included antibiotics, analgesics, anticonvulsants, anti-allergic medications, alcoholism meds, diabetes pills, asthma, birth control pills, HIV meds, mental disorder medications, and others. The pharmacy had most of the medications people would need to stay healthy.

To see whether these meds were cheap, I decided to check the price for erectile dysfunction meds. All the ED meds I found on the drugstore were generic meds. had very fair prices. A pill of generic Viagra was being sold at a price of only 0.69 dollars. Generic Cialis was worth 1.30 dollars per pill. Generic Levitra was costing 1.50 dollars per tablet.

The pharmacy was only accepting payments from customers via credit cards. The pharmacy was not clear about the credit cards it was accepting. I had to assume that the credit cards it accepted were the major ones which include Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and others. The pharmacy was charging the customer’s credit card immediately after the buyer had pressed the submit button. Medications orders were being processed after the payment had been approved.

Medications were being shipped by the drugstore via 2 main methods. These were the courier service and the Standard International Airmail. The first method was costly in comparison to the second method. It was costing buyers 30 dollars while the Standard International Airmail was costing buyers 10 dollars. However, the courier method was advantageous because it took only 5 to 9 days and it could be tracked. The standard airmail shipping method lacked tracking and it took 10 to 21 days before meds arrived.

If after placing an order a buyer felt he needed to cancel the order, he or she could only cancel it within a period of 24 hours since the time that he or she had placed the order. After the 24 hours had elapsed, Generic Drug Saving was not processing any cancel requests. The store assured buyers that the meds they would get from the drugstore had the best quality. However, if any customer was not satisfied with the pills that he or she received, he could contact the drugstore and get a return address. The pharmacy was accepting medication returns and refunding returned medications. The pharmacy was re-shipping lost packages and also offering to refund them if that is what the buyer wanted.

The drugstore had two phone lines that buyers could use to contact the shop. These included +1 800 532 4808 (US Toll-Free), +1 718 313 1498 (the US), and +44 203 011 0241 (the UK). The pharmacy had a live chat option on its website. Reviews

I could not locate any testimonials available for on an external reviews website. However, the pharmacy had a testimonials page that carried some overly positive testimonials. These are the reviews I have provided below:

Genericdrugsaving Testimonials

After the customer received his erectile dysfunction medications from, David reports that he will be ordering another time. The medications produced effects which even stunned him and his wife. He felt like a young adult again. He will be ordering again. Mark reports that the medications he got from made his sex life much better. The meds arrived on time and worked perfectly.

Generic Drug Saving had nice testimonials on its website. However, onsite reviews are not worth trusting. I have seen many online pharmacies which create fake reviews and use them to lie to unsuspecting online shoppers. There is no way to tell whether online reviews are real or they are fake. Disregarding them and trusting third-party reviews is the best thing you can do to be safe. Reviews 2018

The reviews available on Generic Drug Savings did not have any dates. For this reason, I could not tell if there were any testimonials written in 2018. The testimonials captured below may have been written earlier:

Genericdrugsaving User Comments

Carlos loved such that he has already recommended the drugstore to his co-workers and partners. He purchased his meds and which got delivered on time. The meds worked for him well. James says that the quality of medications delivered by is the same as the overly expensive pills he had been purchasing in the local pharmacies. The drugstore helped him afford his meds. Coupon Codes

Genericdrugsaving Offers had a coupon code that allowed its customers to pay 10% less. The coupon code was VDAY10. The pharmacy also had some extra offers. I have provided the offers below:

The pharmacy was offering free pills to its customers. Also, the drugstore had a free shipping offer. However, this shipping offer was for people who purchased their meds in bulk from such that their cost reached 200 dollars.

Conclusion was offering medications at an affordable price although it was not the cheapest pharmacy available online. This cheap price is a great thing since most people who source their meds on the web do it to save money. The drugstore had a coupon code and other offers which made it even more attractive. The problem with the drugstore is that it was not very trustworthy. The pharmacy lacked any proven testimonials. The reviews on its site were positive but these could have been fake.

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