Review – An Online Pharmacy That Is Currently Down Review – An Online Pharmacy That Is Currently Down is an internet drugstore that is currently not operating because it is under some form of maintenance. However, the message on their website reveals that it is not active because its pharmaceutical products have been removed from their shelves. With such announcement, it is clear that the website was not operational and the information is not available as of this writing.

The only option provided to customers of is to wait for an update. Customers who placed an order in the past can contact them thru the contact us page. We tried to contact them but did not receive a reply despite indicating that their support team is available 24/7, all year long.

Aside from their contact us page, they also provided numbers that customers can call. If you have questions about, you can call them at 888 844 8812 or 201 500 6356. These numbers are open from Monday to Saturday, 10:30 in the morning until 7:30 in the evening. This is in Eastern Standard Time.

If you placed an order and is waiting for its status, you can visit, log in using your account information and track your order from there. The form to track your order will look like the picture below:

Track Your Order Here Page
Track Your Order Here Page Reviews

With the website being down, we are unable to check if they have a testimonial page. We tried to search for customer reviews from third-party review sites to no avail.

Unfortunately, we are unable to find coupon codes as well for this website. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, we are unable to find coupon codes for Generic Pills Online. We are unable to find perks that they could have offered when the site was still active.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy with a license to operate online in 2018. However, if you will visit their website, you will now get a message that says how their pharmaceutical products are currently unavailable. It also says that their herbal and Ayurvedic products are available but we are unable to obtain such information.

We tried to check for third party reviews to find more information about but we are unable to find reviews. We assume that this e-dispensary is new and no third-party review sites wrote about them hence the insufficient data.

Is this a red flag for an online pharmacy? Are they closed for legal reasons? For now, all we can do is wait, as the website is still searchable and is loading; it is just that the information about their products is not available.

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