Emedoutlet.com Review – E-med Outlet With Excellent Offers Closed

Emedoutlet.com Review – E-med Outlet With Excellent Offers Closed

E-Med Outlet was a UK-based online pharmacy that started out in the business back in 2011 but after just four (4) years, its site closed down for unknown reasons. Its domain name was originally its own but somewhere in 2015, E-Med Outlet has been taken over by a different website which sold computer software. When the year 2016 came, this website went away and E-Med Outlet’s domain became a vacant site which was put up for sale. Today, the domain name of E-Med Outlet is no longer accessible and visiting its web address would simply redirect the user to an entirely different online pharmacy. No one knows exactly what happened to E-Med Outlet but it seems that it had some problems before that led its owners to decide to close the site down altogether. The disappearance of E-Med Outlet was such a huge loss to many customers since it was a legitimate online pharmacy with good offers to its clients all over the world. Just like other online pharmacies, what E-Med Outlet prioritized in selling were generic medicines which gave its customers the opportunity to save a lot of money.

By providing a huge selection of quality generic medicines for various health concerns, E-Med Outlet made itself an excellent alternative to the local pharmacies. It sold a wide range of over the counter (OTC) drugs as well as prescription drugs, all at affordable prices since all of them were generic medicines. These drugs were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as effective and safe for use, perfect replacements to the costly branded drugs which the local pharmacies sold. Compared to the local prices, the medicines that E-Med Outlet sold were 90% cheaper and this gave its clients the chance to purchase large quantities of their needed drugs while saving a lot at the same time.

The only way to access the information about E-Med Outlet is to visit the web archives and search for its domain name. It’s no longer active on the web but fortunately, its site was saved on the virtual vaults of the internet archives which allowed us to freely check on its site as it was before. Here, we found that E-Med Outlet didn’t only sell pharmaceutical products but that it also sold pet care products. Its site was also well-organized that we could say that its clients found it effortless to navigate its page. For those who wanted to contact their customer service hotline, it has provided a number which was +1 646 502 8606. Its hotline which was exclusive to customers from the UK was +4420 7558 8172 and its toll-free number for customers from the US was +1 877 230 6032. Its hotlines before were only open weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM EST. But for its clients who wanted 24/7 customer support, its live chat was available 24 hours in a day.

E-Med Outlet was also generous on its offers as it gave a 50% discount to the next order of its clients who would be able to refer other people to purchase from its site. This was a huge discount that many people enjoyed during the times that it was still in operation and it also offered to waive the shipping fees of the orders whose total amount would exceed the amount of $150 USD. These were the offers of E-Med Outlet before that added more savings to the pockets of its clients, not to mention its already-cheap medicine prices.

Emedoutlet.com Reviews

On the pages of the captured content of E-Med Outlet on the web archives, it shows that the site had its own reviews section where customers who were pleased with the service that it has given and the products that it sold gave reviews. But onsite reviews aren’t 100% reliable because of the edits that were being made by the administrators of the site to the customer feedbacks, removing other parts and retaining some. So what we did was we decided to find third-party reviews on the internet about its site and we managed to find one on a pharmacy forums website. This thread was created by a senior forum member with the name of Hermanne but there were no other comments under the post that the user made.

E-Med Outlet User Review
E-Med Outlet User Review

What Hermanne loved about E-Med Outlet was its reliability as his online medicine source. He knows that E-Med Outlet was not as big as the other online pharmacies on the business but he used the site for a full year and was not at all disappointed with the products and services that he has received. He also mentioned about how the products of the site were cheap, something that fits very well for his needs. He was just surprised that after visiting its domain name, the site no longer loaded. As expected, Hermanne was clueless about what really happened to its website just as we are up to this day. The reason for the thread that he created in the forum was to find out about the reason behind the site’s closure, asking for information from other users.

Emedoutlet.com Reviews 2018

As for the present time, it would no longer be possible to get any new reviews for E-Med Outlet as its site has already been closed for years. Old reviews for E-Med Outlet can still be found on the archives and on the internet but as for new ones, there won’t be any.

Emedoutlet.com Coupon Codes

Thanks to the detailed information that was captured by the web archives, we have an old coupon code discount of E-Med Outlet that gave a flat 15% discount to customers with orders above $50 USD. This coupon was only valid for one use and its expiration date was back in June of 2014.

E-Med Outlet Coupon Code
E-Med Outlet Coupon Code


After the disappearance of E-Med Outlet with good products and excellent offers, no one knows why it just went away as there was no explanation or notice that were found on its site before it disappeared. But it’s still possible for customers to find online pharmacies as E-Med Outlet and that’s by checking out our list of top recommended providers.

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