Drugsdirect.com Review – Free Shipping Of Nhs Prescription Drugs Within The Uk

Drugsdirect.com Review – Free Shipping Of Nhs Prescription Drugs Within The Uk

Drugsdirect.com is an online pharmacy that is located in Bristol, England. It is indicated that Drugs Direct is licensed and under the regulation of the General Pharmaceutical company. It has also been approved to provide NHS services for the residents of the United Kingdom. Private prescription services will be provided to the residents of the UK, Europe, Scottish Highlands, Islands, and Northern Island, and to some selected destinations worldwide. It is not clear when drugsdirect.com was established; the only info available is that the owner is Dr. Alona Courtney. The medications stocked have not been approved by the FDA and this is why they will not be shipped to the United States.

Drugs direct provides various services to their customers which includes the sale of Appliances, Bacteria & Infestation, Dressing, Bandages & First Aid Products, Lifestyle, Toiletries & Beauty, Baby, Dental Care, Disability, Health & Medicines, Hosiery, Sun & Travel, and Vitamins & Supplements. Drugs Direct also deals with the sale of Prescription-only medications and for these, you will be required to provide a valid prescription before the order is dispensed. There is an annual dispensing fee for those who wish to purchase prescription-only medications which must be paid before the order is processed. There are also over-the-counter medications that are available for sale which will be dispensed as soon as the order has been placed.

To know the medications stocked by drugsdirect.com, you will have to enter the name of the medications in the provided search box since there is no list where customers can refer. I searched for the brand Viagra to know if it is in stock and discovered that the prices are different for customers who have a dispensing card and those who do not have a dispensing card. The cost of a 100mg Viagra pill will be $6.90 for a customer who has a dispensing card and $7.60 for those without a dispensing card.

The payment of medications will be done via credit card or a debit card.

The delivery of medications will be done via European Standard Mail where the cost of the shipping will depend on the weight of the medications and the destination to which the medications will be shipped. For items that are over 1000g, the charges will be $15.78; for products between 501g and 750g, the charges will be $7.86. This method will only be used for the shipping of over-the-counter medications. Prescription drugs will only be shipped via the trackable European Airmail. There is also the option of having the medications shipped via the European Airmail delivery method where you will also be charged according to the weight of the purchased products and the destination.

Some of the destinations to which the medications will be shipped include UK mainland where the delivery will take a maximum of 4 days for items under 2kg and 1 day for delivery of items that do not weight over 20kg. The shipping will also be done to Scottish Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland, Europe, and to selected destinations worldwide.

If you wish to return the products delivered, you should send an email to Drugs Direct explaining the reason for the return. If you are given the go-ahead to return the medications, you will wrap them in such a way that they will not be damaged on the return journey. If you do not take precaution and the drugs are damaged when being returned, the value of the damage will be deducted when the refund is issued. You will bear the cost of returning the medications and it is also your responsibility to ensure that the medications reach drugsdirect.com. Shipping of prescription drugs is free within the United Kingdom.

To contact drugsdirect.com, you can make a call using the number 0844 247 0365, send a fax message or use the provided email address to reach out to the customer service department. Drugs Direct claims that customers do not have the permission to access the pharmacy physical premises for any reason. All the dealings between drugsdirect.com and the clients will be conducted online.

Drugsdirect.com Reviews

There are no reviews regarding the services offered by drugsdirect.com on their website or any of the independent review sites. This means that there is no way we can determine if Drugs Direct is a reliable online pharmacy or a scam. The reason for this could be the complex procedure that customers have to go through before they can find their medications and even when they do, they will be forced to pay more if they do not have a dispensing card.

Drugsdirect.com Reviews 2018

There are no current reviews about Drugs Direct which makes it very hard to know the quality of the medications sold or how the delivery of the purchased products is. Though there are adequate security measures on the website, the lack of reviews makes one put the credibility of Drugs Direct. Though the physical location of drugsdirect.com is well known, customers have been denied access to the premises and asked to conduct all correspondence online.

Drugsdirect.com Coupon Codes

Discount Drugs only has one discount offer which is meant for the residents of the United Kingdom.

All NHS prescription medications will be delivered for free within the United Kingdom. The normal charges for the shipping are very high since the charges will be determined by the weight of the products and the destination to which the medications will be shipped. A customer will prefer shopping for other online pharmacies that will either offer free shipping or charge a flat fee for the shipping regardless of the number of products ordered.


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Drugsdirect.com is an online pharmacy that has no reviews from customers who have been buying from them. The medications stocked are sold at a higher price especially for those who do not have a dispensing card. This cost will even be higher when the shipping is calculated depending on the number of products and their weight as well. Drugs Direct has been registered and has a valid license which means it is operating legally. The greatest beneficiaries are the UK residents who will have their NHS prescription medications shipped free of charge.

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