Review – Online Pharmacy That Accepts Cash On Delivery Review – Online Pharmacy That Accepts Cash On Delivery is an online pharmacy that has been providing pharmaceutical services since 2015 that claims to be an authentic source of generic medications that will be used to treat various ailments. DealPharmaRX is located in San Francisco. The prices of the medications sold are very low since they are generics and claims that they have been approved by the FDA.

The medications stocked at are categorized according to the health issue for which they will be prescribed so that customers can place their orders without wasting too much time. Some of the categories include Antacid, Diabetes, Anti-fungal, Asthma, Herbal Products, Men’s Health, Skin Care, Weight Loss, Anti-viral, Smart Drugs, and Anti-Smoking, among others.

The top-selling medications have been listed on the homepage and they include Caverta 100mg, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Sildenafil Citrate, Dexamethasone ( Baycadron), Generic Xalatan, and Generic Restasis ( Cyclosporine). The brand medications like Viagra and Cialis are not in stock and customers will have to settle for generics which claims to work as good as the brand medications. A pill of generic Viagra will be sold at $0.70. Generic Cialis is also not in stock and it seems that the only ED medications available have Sildenafil Citrate as the active ingredient. No prescription will be required to purchase any of the medications stocked at

The accepted modes of payment at DealPharmaRX include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

The shipping of medications will be done via the EMS shipping method or through the Post Registered shipping method. For orders that are between $150 and $250, the shipping will be done via registered post and will not be charged. If the order is above $250, the delivery will be free via the EMS shipping method.

If you fail to get your medications within the agreed time, you should notify that will reship the medications without any additional charges. If the drugs were damaged during the shipping, or you are not satisfied with the working of the medications delivered, you can reach out to and you will get the medications re-shipped to you free of charge. If the wrong medications were shipped, you will be required to return the package to in its original packaging and you will have the right products re-shipped without any additional charges.

To contact, you can use the contact form that has been provided on the website to leave a message. A reply will be sent to you via email within the shortest possible time. There is also an option of a phone call though only 3 digits of the phone number have been provided. It is not clear where the customer will get the rest of the contact phone number. Reviews

The available reviews about are on their website and they are positive. Majority of the customers talk about the effectiveness of the medications delivered and the great saving they have achieved from purchasing their medications at

William Byrnes from the United States says that he was advised to take Zantac to treat his ulcers and he purchased the pills from DealPharmaRX. He is happy that the medications gave great results and also for the fact that he saved more on his medication.

Jennifer Thomas from the United States is also a happy customer after purchasing Bimatoprost from She is happy that she now has thick eyelashes just like her friend.

Elizabeth who is also a US resident says that she purchased acne medications for her daughter by the name Generic Retin at and is proud of the results. Her daughter has been able to get back her glowing complexion and she is really appreciative of

Dealpharmarx Reviews

These reviews are available on the website that hosts and there is no way we can know if they are from real customers. They cannot, therefore, be used to tell whether is a reliable online pharmacy or a scam website. Reviews 2018

The most recent reviews about are also available on the website and they are positive as well. Philip Sidoti from the United States says he was dying to get a tattoo but was afraid of the pain that is usually associated with tattoos. He purchased Xylocaine Jelly and instead of experiencing the intense pain during the tattooing process, she had a lot of fun.

Robert Toro who is a US resident had a fungal infection that was really bothersome. In an effort to get rid of it, he purchased generic Diflucan and it worked wonders. He is not free from the fungal infection, thanks to the medication from

Kelly Holt says that her father had been suffering from Asthma attacks which were getting worse each day. She was referred to by a friend where she purchased generic Albuterol Inhalers and the provided great relief.

These reviews are on the website managed by the owners of and they could have been compromised in an effort to get more customers. This means that they cannot be used to measure the credibility of

Dealpharmarx Reviews
Dealpharmarx Reviews Coupon Codes only has one offer for the customers who will purchase medications from them.

For all orders that will be above $250, the shipping will be free via the Express Mail Service Shipping method. For the orders that will be between $150 and $250, the shipping will be free via the Registered Post shipping method.

Dealpharmarx Discount

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that does not have any off site reviews. The medications are sold at very low prices and it is claimed that they have been approved by the FDA. Unlike other online pharmacies that will only release medications after the payment has been processed, accepts cash on delivery where the customer will pay cash when the medications are delivered. This is only for the residents of the United States. Payment by personal checks will not be accepted for cash on delivery deals.

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