Review – 12 Years Of Service And They Closed Down Without Having Reliable Customer Reviews Review – 12 Years Of Service And They Closed Down Without Having Reliable Customer Reviews was an internet drugstore that started operating in 2004 and closed down in 2016. Contact Eucustomer had CIPA and MIPA logo on their website leading us to assume that this was a Canadian online pharmacy. It was not clear if they closed down in 2016 and reopened again or changed the domain. However, it was clear that is no longer operational as of this writing.

We looked for information for from the web archive. On their homepage, it showed that they offered different medications under different medical categories. Their customers searched for the medicine they need by browsing the medical categories, by looking for it alphabetically, and by using the search box. They offered popularly and commonly need medications such as pain relief drugs, erectile dysfunction medicines, medicines to treat allergies, drugs for infections, weight loss pills, hair loss treatment, and common herbal medicines.

When it comes to their bestsellers, we found some erectile dysfunction brands such as generic Viagra that was offered for only $0.32 per tablet. They also offered generic Cialis for $0.32 per pill, and generic Levitra for $0.69 per pill. We are surprised to find branded erectile dysfunction medicines on their bestseller list such as Pfizer’s Viagra for $3.32 per pill and Lilly’s Cialis for $3.66 per pill. Other erectile dysfunction brands on their bestseller list included Tadapox, Sildalis, Dapoxetine, erectile dysfunction trial pack, Extra Super Cialis/Levitra/Viagra, Malegra FXT/DXT, Viagra/Cialis Professional, Cialis/Levitra/Viagra Super Active, Cialis/Levitra/Viagra Soft, and Female Viagra for $0.86 per pill.

Other medicines on their bestseller list include Propecia, Zithromax, Doxycycline, Synthroid, Accutane, Clomid, Nolvadex, Lexapro, Amoxil, Prednisone, Lasix, and Celadrin.

With a credit card, anyone can process an order from They accepted Visa and AmEx and E-check. Prior to paying your order, you have to choose whether to have your order delivered via Airmail or EMS. Airmail shipping takes up to three weeks while EMS takes up to 8 business days. The shipping cost depends on the product being shipped and the destination.

On their policy page, it says that orders can be canceled and modified if it has not been shipped yet. Orders that went missing, damaged incomplete must be reported to the support team of in order for them to replace it. said that they have 99% shipping rate success hence the few orders that went missing were easily fixed. had a phone support and email support team during their operation. Their phone number was no longer obtainable though. For email, their customers had to go to their ‘contact us’ page in order to initiate an email transaction. Reviews didn’t have any third-party reviews. They did have a testimonial page and upon checking this page, we realized that these could be fake reviews. Here are some of the reviews we found.

Contact-eucustomer Reviews

One feedback we found was from Samuel. Samuel was thanking contact-eucustomer for sending his order along with the bonus pills. Samuel said that he hoped to receive the other pills he was promised.

Another review was shared by Jackson from Italy and he admitted of suspecting as a scam website. He seemed surprised to receive his orders and was happy that everything arrived after a month. He even went far by asking the e-store to send him women too so he can use his ED pills.

Another review was shared by John who had the same doubt just like Jackson. John said he was wondering if was a legit web store and was glad to find that it was not. He even testified that the medicines they were offering were good and effective.

For the last review, it was from Nathan of the UK and Nathan said that his order arrived ahead of time. His order was delivered after 7 days.

Apparently, regardless of how good these reviews are, we are hesitant to believe them because these are all from the on-site testimonial page of The chance of these reviews being fake is high and it could be a mean for the store owner to attract new customers. With these reviews alone, we are unable to recommend this e-store. Reviews 2018 had been closed for quite some time now and we are unable to find any customer reviews for this year. Based on their online license, this e-dispensary closed down in 2016 hence their latest review must be in 2016. Coupon Codes

Contact-eucustomer Specials

After exhausting our resources, we are unable to find any coupon codes that contact-eucustomer must have released in the past. What we found is a special offer. The special offer is a trial pack combination of Viagra and Cialis. The price was no longer obtainable but it was advertised as a special offer.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that operated in Canada from 2004 to 2016. With 12 years of experience in the business, we expected to find some customer reviews from third-party websites but failed to so do. What they had are on-site testimonials that we cannot rely on.

This online pharmacy offered a wide range of medications at a very good price. They offer generic Viagra for $0.32 per tablet and it was one of the cheapest ED medicine we found so far. The list of erectile dysfunction brands they offered was also long and we are surprised to see some hybrid brands like Extra Super Cialis/Levitra/Viagra, Viagra/Cialis Professional, Cialis/Levitra/Viagra Super Active, Cialis/Levitra/Viagra Soft and Malegra FXT/DXT. We are also impressed with their record of 12 years even if they did not have reliable customer reviews.

We checked third-part reviews online to figure out the cause of their demise but as of this writing, the reason why contact eucustomer closed down is unknown.

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