Review – Selling Affordable Prescription Drugs Since 2004 Review – Selling Affordable Prescription Drugs Since 2004

Canadian Prescription Drugstore is an online medicine source that has been in the business of selling affordable prescription drugs since 2004. It is one of the oldest and best online pharmacies on the web as it had already catered to millions of customers over the years. What makes Canadian Prescription Drugstore click is the big discounts that it provides. Their prices are so affordable that the difference between the cost of the medicines that they sell to local drugstores is up to 80%. People can just imagine the savings that they can get when they order their medications at Canadian Prescription Drugstore. Not only will they be able to take home great savings but they will also be able to buy sufficient quantities of their needed meds for their future consumption.

Unlike suspicious online drugstores on the web, customers need not worry in purchasing their meds at Canadian Prescription Drugstore since it is a legitimate internet pharmacy. It is a licensed pharmacy that is accredited and is a verified member of Pharmacy Checker, a US-based pharmacy ratings site that provides users the safest and the most reliable medicine sources on the web. The home address of Canadian Prescription Drugstore is at 1275 West 6th Avenue, Suite 300, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6H 1A6. Customers nearby can actually pay them a visit and see for themselves that it exists and is just as real as its website on the internet.

For customers that will be having questions about their site or their products, they can contact the customer support department of Canadian Prescription Drugstore through its telephone number which is +1 888 572 0832. This hotline is a toll-free hotline which is open from 9 AM until 5 PM, Pacific Standard Time. Other than the telephone support offered by Canadian Prescription Drugstore, a live chat option is also available on its site for clients who need real-time assistance. They can also be contacted through email and customers can do it by filling out the necessary forms on its Contact Us page.

Creating an account on its website is necessary for customers who plan on buying their medicines at Canadian Prescription Drugstore. Users are required to sign in before they can place any orders but this is also for the benefit of the buyers. Having an account on its website will allow the users to view the history of their purchases, making reorders easy. And just like at local drugstores, prescriptions are required in buying meds at Canadian Prescription Drugstore. Without prescriptions, customers will not be allowed to purchase medicines from its selection. This is simply a safety measure implemented by Canadian Prescription Drugstore to make sure that their customers have had their medical checkups previous to buying their meds. Medical checkups are necessary prior to using prescription drugs for the users to be safe. Canadian Prescription Drugstore knows that the use of prescription meds without being first checked by a physician is dangerous that’s why it made scripts a strict requirement. For the customers to send their prescriptions in, they must send it through fax and Canadian Prescription Drugstore’s fax number is +1 866 290 2272.

The medicines sold by Canadian Prescription Drugstore are not just cheap but they are also of excellent quality. Its products are all approved by the FDA as safe for use and effective for treating the health conditions that they were made for. Drug prices are clearly high in the United States that’s why Canadian Prescription Drugstore sources its medicines from drug manufacturers located in countries such as Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Turkey, India, and New Zealand. The drug manufacturing standards in these countries are also on par with the US standards but the production, raw materials, and labor costs are much lower. Canadian Prescription Drugstore simply imports these meds from these countries and brings them closer to the customers that need them by making them available on its website. Reviews

A client of Canadian Prescription Drugstore named Jack Nesbitt gave the site a 5-star score as its pricing allowed him to afford his ED medication. Jack has medical insurance but his insurance company refused to cover his ED medication for the reason that it does not recognize male sexual health problem a health problem at all. But fortunately, his doctor suggested him to try Canadian Prescription Drugstore where he was able to purchase his Cialis, the only ED drug that worked for him.

Canadian Prescription Drugstore Reviews
Canadian Prescription Drugstore Reviews

The next review is from an anonymous customer who says that Canadian Prescription Drugstore is an online pharmacy that can be trusted. This customer shares that he was at first wary of online pharmacies but he proved that Canadian Prescription Drugstore is a legit site. He also adds that the site has the best pricing, a user-friendly site, and good customer service. Reviews 2018

Unfortunately, there are no new reviews yet available for Canadian Prescription Drugstore. Though it has a few user reviews on its website, it does not have a dedicated reviews section where customers can put reviews in. The only place where customers can put their reviews is at third-party websites but so far, the most recent review for the site was back in 2017. Reviews for the site will eventually come but at the moment, there’s none. Coupon Codes

Canadian Prescription Drugstore Free Shipping
Canadian Prescription Drugstore Free Shipping

Concerning discounts, Canadian Prescription Drugstore doesn’t have any offers on its website considering that its assortment is already priced inexpensively. But as a treat to its new customers, it offers free shipping on all first-time orders. Regardless of how big the purchase its customers have made or how small, their orders will be shipped for free all the same.


Canadian Prescription Drugstore is the place that customers should visit if they’re looking for medicines which are 80% cheaper than local pharmacy prices. The products here are also of impressive quality as it only sells meds which are approved by the FDA. For other options, customers can check our top list of recommended providers.

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