Review – A Pharmacy Offering Genuine Services But With Relatively High Prices Review – A Pharmacy Offering Genuine Services But With Relatively High Prices is a web pharmacy that has been operating since the year 2001. This pharmacy has its physical location in Canada just as its name suggests. The pharmacy indicates that they usually serve more than 500,000 customers. The drugstore offers human medication and pet medications. They offer both prescription and over the counter meds.

I decided to determine whether it would be possible for to get erectile dysfunction meds at Canada pharmacy. I managed to locate both generic and brand medications for impotence. Brand Cialis would cost the buyer at least $18 although the price will depend on the number of pills you buy and the amount of tadalafil in each pill. Generic Cialis would cost a minimum of $7.125.

All the medications being offered by this pharmacy have already received approval from the FDA. To get any prescription medications from the drugstore irrespective of whether they belong to your pet or they are yours, you will need to have a prescription script with you.

The main method of payment that accepts is credit card payment. The cards accepted by Canada Pharmacy include Mastercard and Visa. The shipping cost appeared to be cheap. The buyer only had to pay $50 once and he would enjoy free shipping for a lifetime. The second shipping option available is where you pay $20 and enjoy free shipping for a whole year. If you decide that you want to pay to ship for every order you place at, the standard shipping charge is $10.

If you receive an order and you are not satisfied, you can return it and get a refund. The pharmacy states that you have to call within a period of 30 days and explain why you are not happy with the order you received. If the pharmacy cannot make it right, the customer care will explain the return and refund procedure to you. lacked a live chat feature. However, the drugstore has a contact page you can use to send an email. Also, you can call the pharmacy using their toll-free phone number which is 1-800-891-0844. You can communicate with the pharmacy via their toll-free fax number which is 1-800-883-6005. Reviews

To better understand how Canada Pharmacy operates, I decided to look for consumer comments. The pharmacy did not host any use testimonials on their official site. All the comments made by their previous customers were available on third-party sites. There were both positive comments and negative comments. However, the positive comments formed the larger percentage. To show you a clear picture of Canada Pharmacy through the eyes of their previous customers, I have captured reviews from both happy customers and complaints below.

Canadapharmacy User Feedback

The first reviewer who calls himself Garry is extremely pleased with the services he got from He has rated the pharmacy 5 stars. He says that he has been using the drugstore for all his medical needs. The pharmacy has always offered him great prices. The medications are way cheaper than what the medications will cost in the United States. He says that without the help offered by, he wouldn’t have the ability to afford his medications. He states that the shipping is both fast and reliable.

Murat reports that the pharmacy has been harassing him. He says that they call him even if he has never ordered from the pharmacy. He has tried to tell the pharmacy to remove him from their contact list but they didn’t. They have been harassing him for 4 years.

As you can see, the first reviewer is happy. He has gotten all his medications on time and the drugs had a great price. The second customer is complaining of being bothered with calls. It is possible that the pharmacy spamming Murat may have not been Canada Pharmacy. There are numerous scam pharmacies available online which have the name Canada Pharmacy. All the other reviews available on Trustpilot were positive. Reviews 2018

I managed to locate reviews left behind by people who have ordered their meds from in 2018. These reviews were also positive. I have captured some of these reviews below:

Canadapharmacy 2018 Testimonials

The first reviewer says that to him, is an A+ pharmacy. The drugstore has managed to save him a lot of money while he is buying his cat’s inhaler. He says that the inhaler would cost him $240 when he buys it in Kentucky. However, when he buys the same inhaler at Canada Pharmacy, the cost is reduced to a mere 40 dollars. The only extra cost he has to pay is $20 for a whole year shipping. The medication arrives in 2 weeks and sometimes less. He recommends the pharmacy since it has always offered him nice services. Arrieta is another happy customer. She says that the pharmacy has great service and price that people can afford. Coupon Codes

The first saving offer I noticed was available on the official website. promised to give out $50 to anyone who referred another person to buy drugs from the pharmacy. I also found coupons on third-party sites. I have captured these below:

Canadapharmacy Coupon Codes

The first deal will allow the buyer to only pay $50 and enjoy free lifetime shipping. When the second coupon is applied to orders worth more than $99, the buyer will save $15. The last coupon will allow first-time buyers to save $5 on all their orders.

Conclusion has nice customer comments. This means that the drugstore makes sure that their customers are satisfied. However, the drugstore has high prices. These might be low than what some of the local pharmacies offer. However, they are not the lowest prices you can get online. There are some pharmacies which offer more 90% in savings. Since offers refunds, this should tell you that when ordering, you will be safe. The pharmacy is very generous with their shipping costs. You can pay $50 and enjoy lifetime shipping.

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