Review: An Online Pharmacy That Puts Your Medicine In Your Hands Review: An Online Pharmacy That Puts Your Medicine In Your Hands is an online dispensary that started operating online in 2004. Their main page shows a logo of CIPA and MIPA, hence we assume that this website is a Canadian online pharmacy. Their tagline says that they offer affordable medicines that can give you a savings of up to 95%. Their website is also protected from hackers and scammers with WebSafe Shield and GeoTrust.

This offers of Blue-sky-drugs is long. They have medications for allergies, fungal and viral infections, bacterial infections, anxiety, pain and arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, cholesterol level, and sugar level and depression. They also offer pills for weight loss, hair loss, birth control, and sleeping. Blue Sky Drugs also offer herbal medicines and skin care products among others. Their most popular offers though are erectile dysfunction medicines.

For their ED medicines, the cheapest they offer is Viagra at $0.32 per tablet while Cialis costs $0.67 per tablet. They also offer generic Levitra for $1.05 per tablet. Blue Sky Drugs also have branded Viagra for $3.32 per pill and $3.66 for a branded Cialis tablet. This e-store also offers other brands of erectile dysfunction medicine such as Dapoxetine, Kamagra, Sildalis, Silvitra, Avana, Tadacip, and Nizagara among other popular brands from India. If you are looking for a hybrid ED medicine, you can have Professional, Soft Jelly, Plus, Soft, and Extra Dosage (eg. Viagra Soft or Viagra Professional). assures customers that the medicines they are dispensing are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and prescription medicines are dispensed without a prescription. Once you order, you can have it delivered via Airmail or EMS Courier. Shipping fee is $10 for Air Mail and $20 for EMS Courier. For Air Mail, you have to wait up to 3 weeks while EMS can be delivered within 8 business days. All orders can be paid with a credit card such as Visa an AmEx. ECheck is also accepted.

If your order has not arrived within the stated date, give it a grace period of three days then contact the support team at 1-760-284-3222 or 4420-3286-3820. You can also shoot them a message thru their contact us page.

Damaged or lost packages can be reported to their support team so they can do necessary steps in resolving your concern. Reviews

Customer testimonials or reviews are used by online shops to boost sale. It is a free advertisement that they can use to encourage customers to try their service. As for Blue-sky-drugs, it is an investment that they can use to continue enticing people to try their website. Since they lasted for more than a decade and is still going, we searched for customer reviews to determine the quality of their service in accordance with the standards of their customers.

Blue-sky-drugs Reviews

We also found two old reviews from Blue-sky-drugs users from France. Jonathan said that he was happy with the drug he received not just because they were cheap but also because of the quality. He added that he received it on time.

Christian who is also from France said that the customer service of Blue Sky Drugs was superb and that he was extremely happy with their service.

These reviews from Jonathan and Christian were from the testimonial page of Blue-Sky-Drugs. Although these are positive reviews, we cannot use them to recommend this e-store as on-site testimonials are not reliable. Reviews 2018

For an extra layer of assurance, we checked for current reviews of Blue Sky Drugs and here are some of them.

Blue-sky-drugs Reviews 2018

We found an additional review from France and two more from Spain and Andorra. The first one was shared by Benjamin who said that he received and tried his pill and he was extremely satisfied with the result. He said that he received it because the support team did a follow-up.

The second review from France was shared by St. Patricks who was happy with the efficient service he received and the timely delivery of his order. As for Samuel, the customer service team was also the key to his satisfaction. Samuel was actually asking for the promised bonus pill. The only available reviews are from their on-site testimonial page. Coupon Codes

There are three coupon codes released by The coupon codes they released can be used until the end of August. These coupon codes give up to 31% savings, free shipping, and big savings on selected drugs.

Blue-sky-drugs Coupon Codes

To use it, just click on the ‘click to save’ button and it will direct you to the website of where you can process your order. Upon checkout, your discount will be automatically applied.


Aside from offering low-priced medicines, is also giving out coupon codes and offers that new and old customers can take advantage of. As of this writing, they are offering free Viagra pills on every order and free shipping on all orders above $200. They are also offering some special packs of ED medicines.

What we liked about this e-dispensary is their wide range of offered products especially under the erectile dysfunction category. They have regular and hybrid erectile dysfunction brands and although most are from India, they only offer the popular ones. Because of their direct partnership with Indian pharmaceutical companies, is able to offer these ED drugs at a friendly price.

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