Review – Maybe Not The Best Pill Store Ever Review – Maybe Not The Best Pill Store Ever may not have been the “best” among the online pharmacies since the store has finally closed down after several years of existence. The shop Best Pill, one of the many online pharmacies in the market, after offering various generic treatments for a wide range of medical conditions, has closed down without warning. One day the store’s online, the next thing I know, the shop is already inaccessible.

I checked the web for clues concerning Best Pill’s disappearance, but there seems to be nothing on the web regarding this store’s closure. I tried reviews for Best Pill, but unfortunately, this online platform did not have customer comments around on the web, which left me with nothing to do but to unearth the store’s past records on the Internet Archive, if there were any.

It was a good thing that the web archive site had some details for the Best Pill shop since there was no other information for the platform on the internet. However, Best Pill information found on the Internet Archive was rather limited – the store’s data found on this website revealed that although records reflect that the site was up in 2013, the actual online pharmacy Best Pill was only put up in 2015. Although the store’s data had information regarding an “About Us” page, there was nothing on that section regarding concrete details for the Best Pill platform. There was nothing there about Best Pill’s location and its inception date or any mentions about its founders.

According to the Best Pill’s data, however, it was an online platform indeed dedicated to catering to consumers with the need for cheap medicines. Best Pill claimed to have offered medicines that are up to 90% cheaper than their local drugstore counterparts. Medicines such as products for motion sickness, viral infections, hair loss, cholesterol, and plenty others were the ones sold on Best Pill, and most of these products were generic and from renowned local manufacturers. Best Pill claimed that all of its products were certified safe and effective to use even by the World Health Organization, which was impressive, but I think, hard to verify.

Based on the information found on the former site, Best Pill offered only one kind of shipping option, the Airmail or the regular, up to 30-day arrival shipping option. Payments accepted by Best Pill included credit cards like VISA and MasterCard, and also E-checks.

There was no discussion regarding product returns, although the store Best Pill mentioned allowing refunds and reshipments in case of damaged or lost orders. Reviews

Like I mentioned in the first part, I tried to scout for actual or first-hand reviews of the shop Best Pill on the web. However, I failed, and I also was unable to look even for blog reviews from authors curious about Best Pill but haven’t tried ordering from the shop yet. Since this was the case, I had to use the customer testimonials available on the Best Pill platform – well, I could not make myself trust these reviews 100% but since they’re all I’ve got, I still find them relevant somehow:

Best Pill Net Reviews
Best Pill Net Reviews

Reviews found on Best Pill were without dates – only the first names of the authors and their respective ages were disclosed. For instance, Francois, a 36-year-old consumer, wrote that he was able to receive his parcel sent by the store and according to him, in only 10 days.

Mark B, another client, affirmed Best Pill and related that the shop was his go-to online pharmacy for “drugs”. Carl, on the one hand, assured the other consumers that Best Pill is the real deal, not a “too good to be true” shop that’s disappointing in the end.

However, since these reports were unverifiable, it’s hard to figure out if these reports were true and if they were indeed from real customers or were only made up by Best Pill or copied from the web. Reviews 2018

There’s no information on the web as to when exactly the store closed down, but the last records of Best Pill indicated that the store was still open early in 2018. However, even if this were the case, there were still no customer comments available for the shop during that year, which made me think of ways to gain more information for Best Pill beyond what was written on its former store records.

Best Pill Net Online Information
Best Pill Net Online Information

Thanks to platforms like, I was able to determine several details about Best Pill. According to the more detailed assessment of the shop Best Pill, the web address for the store was created in 2015 but has expired already in 2016. The store’s server was located in the United States, although the site owner was actually in Australia.

More details for Best Pill revealed that the store did not actually have an SSL certificate, which means that during the store’s operational period, it risked the customer financial information since it had no encryption for the payment portal. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes were not available on Best Pill and this wasn’t new. However, the shop offered other deals, like for instance, cheaper medicines prices for buyers with larger orders (or at least reaching a certain threshold).


Best Pill wasn’t really the best online store out there because it was incapable of staying longer to serve the consumers. Although I would like to find out more about the shop’s former operations, there was insufficient information on the web to lead me on. Since Best Pill is now closed, I move to recommend using other stores that are not only online and functional, but also reliable and trustworthy, like the shops found on our list of TOP Web Drugstores.

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