7daypharmacy.net Review – Fairly Affordable Drugstore With Low Trust Rating

7daypharmacy.net Review – Fairly Affordable Drugstore With Low Trust Rating

7 Day Pharmacy is web drugstore that has its physical location in the United States. The drugstore has been offering its services online since the year 2005. This means that it has already sold medications for more than 1 decade. 7daypharmacy.net is not a real local pharmacy which offers its services on the web. 7 Day Pharmacy is like a referral site that relies on other local drugstores to deliver medications ordered on the site. The pharmacy has an online presence on social media sites. It has an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The pharmacy has a wide a catalog. The meds available on this catalog include ADHD medications, Allergy meds, Antidepressants, Anti-anxiety pills, Antibiotics, blood pressure pills, sexual health medications, skin care meds, and others. The pharmacy sells both FDA approved medications and controlled medications. Some of the controlled substances I managed to locate on the drugstore catalog include tramadol and Xanax. One thing I did not like about 7 Day Pharmacy is that the drugstore is selling all meds including controlled substances without asking for a prescription. This is not just against the law in the United States where the drugstore operates from but also unsafe for the people who purchase these medications.

In the sexual health category, I found medications which men could use to treat erectile dysfunction. To gauge whether 7daypharmacy.net is affordable, I decided to check the price of these pills. A pill of Generic Viagra will cost the buyer 0.79 dollars while a pill of Generic Cialis is worth 0.64 dollars. This price looks affordable.

The drugstore has impressive methods of payments. The pharmacy does accept payment via credit cards. This is an impressive payment method since buyers can dispute any charges made to their cards if the meds they had ordered for fail to arrive. The credit cards the drugstore accepts include Mastercard, Visa Card, American Express and Discover. One more payment method the drugstore accepts is the E-Check which I wouldn’t prefer myself since I wouldn’t have the ability to dispute the charges.

7 Day Pharmacy was not very clear on the methods of shipping the drugstore utilizes. However, I managed to determine the shipping cost and the amount of time it takes to deliver meds. I found that the shipping costs range from 15 dollars to 20 dollars. Buyers who source their meds at 7daypharmacy.net have to wait for approximately 10 to 21 days before their meds arrive.

I could not locate any information on 7daypharmacy.net regarding their return and refund policies. The drugstore did not have an email address or even a phone number. The only way to contact the pharmacy support team is through their contact page which has an integrated contact form.

7daypharmacy.net Reviews

After searching for a very long time, I managed to locate some few testimonials for 7 Day Pharmacy on an external website. The people who had left the 2 reviews I managed to locate had differing opinions regarding how great 7daypharmacy.net is. I have captured both reviews below:

7daypharmacy.net Testimonials

Brian reports that 7daypharmacy.net is a scam site and advises people not to use it. The second reviewer by the name Stiven reports that 7daypharmacy.net is an excellent pharmacy. He has used the drugstore repeatedly to find medications which have affordable prices online. He goes ahead and recommends the drugstore to other buyers.

These two comments put me in a dilemma. I was not sure whether I should trust 7daypharmacy.net or not. I decided to go ahead and find more evidence regarding the pharmacy. I checked for its 2018 reviews.

7daypharmacy.net Reviews 2018

Unfortunately, I could not locate any testimonials written in 2018 for 7 Day Pharmacy. However, this did not stop me. I decided to check the drugstore domain address on programs which analyze a domain address and indicate whether using the drugstore would be safe or not. The first program I used is Scam Adviser. Here are the results I found:

7daypharmacy.net Scam Adviser Report

The drugstore has a very high risk. Trusting it is not recommended since it has a 0% safety rating. Sourcing medications from the online drugstore will place the buyer at the risk of either getting fake meds or receiving nothing at all. The site had already been listed as a rogue drugstore according to Scam Adviser. The only thing I liked about 7daypharmacy.net after checking it on Scam Adviser is the fact that the pharmacy was not lying about its physical location. Next, I checked 7daypharmacy.net on Scamner.com.

According to Scamner.com, 7daypharmacy.net is not very popular. Drugstores which offer quality medications online are usually very popular. Also, 7 Day Pharmacy has a 0% trust rating Scamner.com.

7daypharmacy.net Coupon Codes

I did a lot of digging both on third-party coupon offering sites and 7daypharmacy.net itself while searching for its coupon codes. However, I came to realize that the drugstore does not have any coupon codes anywhere online. The drugstore invests in some few discount deals. One of the deals I came across is a 7% discount deal for men who re-order Viagra. Just like the majority of other online drug stores, 7daypharmacy.net does offer bonuses on large orders.


Despite 7daypharmacy.net having fair medication prices, the drugstore is not very appealing to buy from. The store sells medications considered to be controlled substances in most countries. However, 7daypharmacy.net does not even ask for a prescription for these meds. The pharmacy FAQ page does not answer all the buyer’s questions. Also, the questions whose answers are available have very vague answers. One thing I liked about 7 Day Pharmacy is the fact that buyers are allowed to pay for meds using credit cards.

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