1stpharmacy.us Review – A Closed Steroid Seller With No Positive Reviews

1stpharmacy.us Review – A Closed Steroid Seller With No Positive Reviews

1stpharmacy was an online drugstore that existed up to around the year 2013 judging by the date available on its copyright section. This drugstore was not indicating when it was established. However, I noticed that the drugstore had its location in Asia. The pharmacy sold both medications which have already received approval from the FDA and others which have not. The majority of meds available on its catalog are Steroids. Among the FDA approved medications this pharmacy was selling there is pain relievers, weight loss medications, and Erectile Dysfunction pills. One of the controlled substances available on the drugstore catalog is Xanax.

To determine whether buyers had the ability to pay for their meds at 1stpharmacy.us without struggling too much, I decided to determine the price at which impotence medications were being sold. The drugstore carried the generic versions of Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. A pill of generic Cialis 20mg would cost the buyer $1.25. To get a pill of generic Levitra 10mg, the buyer had to part with 5 dollars. A pill of generic Viagra 100mg was worth $1. This price is not the lowest available online. However, it appears to have been fairly affordable.

1stpharmacy.us did not give a lot of details about its operations. For example, there was no information on the drugstore website which could help me figure out how meds were being shipped. Also, I could not determine how buyers were supposed to pay for their meds. Before buying medications, it is extremely important to know what you are getting into. A pharmacy that keeps its details hidden is not worth purchasing medications from.

1stpharmacy.us indicated that they offered a 24 hours 7 days a week customer support. To contact this customer support department, you had to use the contact form available on the drugstore catalog. The pharmacy did not have a phone number or an actual email address. 1stpharmacy.us indicated that all their meds are always in stock and ready to dispatch within a period of 24 hours after the buyer had placed the order.

The pharmacy indicated that the pharmacy made sure that the privacy of all their customers was being maintained at all times. They also indicated that their shipping method is unique and for this reason, it was liked by their customers.

On the pharmacy shipping page, the drugstore indicated that medications could be returned. However, for these medications to be accepted, they had to be unopened and also be returned within a period of 30 days since the delivery time. 1stpharmacy.us indicated that it would offer a full refund for all returned products. Also, if the return was a result of the drugstore error, the pharmacy indicated that they would cover the return cost. The refunds would be given to the buyer in a period of about 4 weeks since the time the return shipping is initiated.

1stpharmacy.us Reviews

1stpharmacy.us Testimonial

I decided to determine whether 1stpharmacy.us was a drugstore that buyers could trust. To know this, I had to look for testimonials written by buyers who had already sourced their meds from the pharmacy. I only managed to locate a single testimonial. The man who had written this review did not appear to be happy. I have captured the review below:

Donna was pleased with his first order. The order was delivered. However, after placing the second order, his account was suspended.

Drugstores with excellent performance will have a large number of testimonials with the larger percentage of the testimonials being positive. 1stpharmacy.us only has one testimonial and it is negative. What this tells you is that this is a pharmacy that never focused on making sure its customers are satisfied. This could be the reason it could not stay in business for a long time.

1stpharmacy.us Reviews 2018

As I had mentioned earlier on, 1stpharmacy.us appears to have only lived on the internet up to around 2013. This means that getting its testimonials written in 2018 is impossible. However, to further proof that 1stpharmacy.us is a drugstore that buyers did not trust, I have searched the drugstore domain address on Scam Adviser. I got the results I was expecting. I have captured them below:

1stpharmacy.us Scam Adviser Report

According to Scam Adviser, this drugstore cannot be trusted. It has a 0% trust rating. This means that using the drugstore would be very risky. 1stpharmacy.us about page stated that it had its location in Asia. However, the above scan shows that its physical location was in the US. Scam Adviser indicated that the site has already been labeled as a rogue pharmacy. Also, the site appeared to be involved with a large number of high-risk websites. The pharmacy website had a malware report which means that transacting on the website was not safe.

1stpharmacy.us Coupon Codes

A large number of the online pharmacies I have found online usually have coupon codes or an offer of some kind that can help their customers save money. 1stpharmacy.us did not have any coupon codes or even offers. This is quite unfortunate since a large number of buyers source their meds online so that they can get a chance to save their money. A pharmacy that lacks coupons wouldn’t look attractive to people who are on a budget while other pharmacies with coupon codes are available.


1stpharmacy.us appears to be a drugstore that buyers did not trust. This could be the reason this drugstore could not manage to stay in business. Although the drugstore has fair prices, the evidence available online prove that the drugstore was not trusted. The pharmacy did not offer enough information on its website to make the buyer purchase medications. For example, I could tell neither the shipping methods, the shipping time, the shipping cost, nor the method of payments.

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